Diplo Speaks on Why Switch is No Longer with Major Lazer


We’re still a week away from the release of Major Lazer‘s sophomore album, Free the Universe, and one noticeable name that’s missing from the project is Switch, who not only helped create the first Major Lazer album, but has worked with Diplo, M.I.A., Christina Aguilera, and Santigold. His name has been out of the spotlight, and when word came out that he’d left Major Lazer (and Diplo added Jillionaire and Walshy Fire to the line-up), many speculated on the nature of Switch’s relationship with Diplo. In a recent interview, Diplo laid to rest any questions people had about why Switch is no longer in Major Lazer:

“I couldn’t make music if it weren’t for Switch – he and M.I.A. were my main influences, and he taught me how to make music and gave me my style 100 percent. But in terms of actually making records and finishing them, Switch doesn’t do that. And everyone knows that. He just can’t finish songs. He’s the best when he does it, though. But for me, I had to take it in my power to finish this record because no one was helping me.”

Diplo mentions that, for Switch, music is more of a hobby and that he is “still my homie,” and that Switch even helped him write “Get Free.” It should be interesting to see how different this new album is from Guns Don’t Kill People… Lazers Do.


  • Carver The Great

    Diplo is definitely one of the dopest DJ’s out.
    learn to DJ

  • jofj

    the album will suck, diplo isnt worth sh** without switch involvment

    • Joaquín Muñoz

      Guess history proved you WRONG on that one…haha. “Free the Universe” far surpassed the first album, no question.

  • BeatfreaK

    Switch is among my top 5 favorite artists of all time…but I agree, most of his tracks felt just slightly unfinished and rarely “dj-friendly” Regardless Switch is boss. I really wish he would release more tunes.

  • supaswiz

    I dont think free the universe is better than guns don’t kill. . either way all major lazer stuff is usually pretty gold shit

  • Alec

    Major Lazer still kills it. Even if you don’t like their records, go see them live and it will change your entire perception