Disclosure Clears Up Rumored Collaboration With Azealia Banks

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Earlier this week, Azealia Banks (who must have gotten control of her Twitter account after giving up the keys) sent out the following tweet that had blogs going ham and eggs:


We can understand why the Internets went nuts; Disclosure is one of the “it” groups in 2013, and Azealia Banks has had a tendency to knock out tracks with a number of exciting producers, but based on the way Disclosure spoke of the same session, they are either totally downplaying a big track or Azealia is overhyping the situation. Disclosure visited 3voor12 Radio and as you can see, they essentially said nothing came of the session (aside from going in on some sushi). It definitely doesn’t feel like we’ve heard the last of whatever this situation is (or will be).

UPDATE It looks like Disclosure have taken back the statements from the recent radio interview; looks like they DID work on some material, but based on the comments made in the interview, it sounds like they might have been coy due to them not wanting to speak about music that’s not finalized. Check out their tweets up above.