Night Slugs and Boiler Room Pay Tribute to DJ Rashad

Image via Boiler Room
Image via Boiler Room

While DJ Rashad tributes kicked off on Sunday, it looks like this week will be filled with more homages to the fallen footwork pioneer. On Sunday night’s Night Slugs radio show on Rinse FM, Bok Bok and P.O.L. Style dedicated their entire show to DJ Rashad, saying the following: “It was tough to do this, but playing any other music just didn’t feel right. You built a bridge from Chicago to the rest of the world. Playing this set reminded us yet again; every track shone with brilliance, bubbled with your unique charisma, even the darker ones. Your warmth and generosity will live on forever in your work. We still can’t comprehend the loss. Rest in Peace our brother Rashad.”

Tonight, a special Boiler Room tribute to DJ Rashad will be livestreamed from London. On the bill are Hyperdub head Kode9, DJ Oneman, Addison Groove, and Ikonika. The show kicks off at 6PM GMT (2PM EST / 11AM PST), and runs for three hours.

EDIT While we’re not sure what’s spurned this, Gant-Man has posted this note on Rashad tributes. Wise words, especially because Rashad did leave behind a son and family:

(Discobelle, FACT)