DJ Snake Might Have Just Been Outed As a Fraud

Image via DJ Snake
Image via DJ Snake

I’ve heard a rumors that DJ Snake wasn’t actually producing the records that he’s been putting out for the past year, but until factual information is handed to me, my hands are tied.  He isn’t the first that we have had industry insiders alert us to, and he won’t be the last.  But a tune that we covered today got handed back to me, and it was produced by someone else completely, an artist from Seattle by the name of Breaux.

After the Juke Ellington debacle last year, people are quick to hand us tunes that might have been stolen.  Listen to both of these tunes back to back, and decide for yourself. The sequencing is exactly the same, and less some minor changes and added drums, these sound like the same exact record that was somehow produced by two different people.  Even the vocal samples land in the same place.

Breaux Remix:

Snake Remix:

  • TDBZ

    danny mac. again….. wonder if they know each other?

    • Xavier Holloman

      lmfao I’m from Htown…his infamy still reigns?

  • controlla

    both are illegal crap remixes.

    • Scott Beale

      If you aint selling it, it’s fair use. Not illegal.

      • Michael DjNappy Abernathy
      • controlla

        IT IS ILLEGAL! btw nobody cares about your “american fair use” in the united kingdom!

        • JMig

          You mad bro?

          Yeah, u mad.

        • copyright literacy evangelist

          Slow your roll, dude.
          Familiarize yourself with copyright law and the Berne Convention.

          • controlla

            Are you serious? IT IS ILLEGAL! Ask any lawyer!

          • Stix

            Remixes are NOT illegal because the song has changed. If it was the same exact song, but labeled by a different band, then that would be illegal. A remix, with the used artist’s music and the artist itself/themselves in the title to give credit and siting who’s work was used is NOT against copyright. Sorry, but you’re incredibly wrong. If you feel differently, please site your reasons via the international copyright laws and treaties.

            Also, while Trap is definitely a terrible genre, with respect to the producers, Breaux’s work is quite excellent, as opposed to the same “Damn son” bullshit overused samples/stems that flood the genre.

          • I<3MUSIC

            There’s nothing wrong with the genre… you’re just listening to the wrong trap. There is crap in every genre just as there is excellence. Just gotta find it.

          • Stix

            While I agree that there’s crap in every category, I find a much larger slice of the Trap genre has pretty terrible music. There are some good songs, and I have a fairly novel collection of them. Regardless, I can appreciate the artists and what they do or were aiming for. It’s just not my bag. As I always say, Glitch is everything Trap should have been.

          • controlla

            A remix is always an commissioned work. The label delegates this to the remix artists. Neither Prodigy nor XL Records gave the permission to “remix” the original song. SO IT IS ILLEGAL!!!

          • Stix

            If that’s how you think things work, then I’m pretty sure you haven’t read the actual laws regarding media copyright, the stipulations of those laws, and what remixes and their production entail as far as legalities go.

            Source: I work as a producer/musician/dj

          • controlla

            You don’t know the law dude! So please stop tellin’ lies. You can’t sample from other artists and release a “legal remix” without their permission. Never heard of “sample clearance”? Or is this too much for the “we-steal-everything”-generation?

          • Stix

            As someone who is an Artist which backs copyright infringement laws and also was engaged to someone that is a lawyer for the District Attorneys office, actually yes, I do know the State, Federal, and International Laws involving Copyright Infringement. You might want to familiarize yourself with it and how the industry works though, because clearly some of the ideas of it are quite diluted.

          • controlla

            hahaha! you want to tell me “how the industry works”? please stop tellin lies here. IT IS NOT ALLOWED TO SAMPLE FROM OTHER RECORDS WITHOUT PERMISSION! Did you get that!?!

          • Stix

            If you’re not in the industry, then stop talking like you are. I don’t want to tell you how the industry works. I want you TO ACTUALLY READ HOW IT WORKS. I want you to go do proper research. I want you to understand the stipulations of each law and what they cover. I would love to waste some time going through the laws, the specific tracks legal availability through specific copyright laws, and detail everything so you can understand it…. but even if I did that, I’m quite positive you’d come up with some pathetically ignorant reply acting like you know everything, as you’ve done the entire thread. So, I’m just gonna stop replying until you actually go read and learn something.

          • controlla

            Dude you are not in the “industry” and don’t know the law, otherwise you would not post such lies. Both “remixes” ARE NOT LEGAL! If Prodigy take them down on Soundcloud you can’t do anything against it :-) Because you just ripped their samples and have no permission. Forget your “fair use”.

          • Miles Tokatz

            ^^ this guy needs to get laid or something

          • Sean Crosse

            You’re not breaking any laws if you don’t make any monetary gain from the track. It can be a bit of a grey area. Take Girl Talk for example, he doesn’t (or didn’t – I’m not up to speed with him) sell all the remixes he made of tracks, however, he did make money touring off the fame that producing those remixes caused. He could still be sued for copyright infringement.

          • Bas Grasmayer

            Sounds like you’ve only been listening to 2 year old tunes then.

          • Very Reasonable Citizen

            Leave trap out of this!

          • Very Reasonable Citizen

            Trap music was all good before white people got a hold of it! Most people don’t even know what REAL trap music is now! Look at what they did to the Harlem Shake! Does anyone even KNOW what the actual dance looks like?

        • your mom


  • yeahitsjustin

    I never weigh in on this shit but Snake is legit. Take a look at Mercer’s bootleg first, DJ Snake just flipped it to a trap tune because, you know, he makes a good deal of trap.

    • Xavier Mafe

      Both of them are 130 BPM. there was no flipping happening here

      • yeahitsjustin

        The drums were.

        • Michael DjNappy Abernathy

          except snake’s flip came out today and the tune in question is 4 months old.

          • yeahitsjustin

            I’m saying he flipped Mercer’s bootleg to a trap tune from a house tune. Have you heard Mercer’s version?

          • Michael DjNappy Abernathy

            and i’m saying that Breaux actually did the same exact trap flip 4 months earlier. Yes I did… you can read my article from earlier today.

          • Xavier Mafe

            Listen to the drops of both tracks. The arrangements are almost identical. The DJ Snake version sounds like it was mastered a bit better but that’s small details at the end of the day.

    • Yaow

      yeah but the breaux flip 4 months earlier sounds the same as the dj snake’s version.

    • Aireon Ployd Grimes

      Did you even listen to the two mixes?

  • BigDick187

    daaaamn dj snake is a fagget for this one. that shit is EXACTLY the fuckin same. i liked him too (no homo) but this is some shit that makes me not want to fuck with him anymore.

    • Alex Dreyer

      I think you meant to spell faggot (so homo). Or perhaps you’re just flexing your ignorance to new levels. In that case touché.

      • These songs suck

        We are all glad you can spell, idiot.

  • Alex Dreyer

    What are the copywrite laws on something like this? Is there a Suge Knight of EDM somewhere waiting to dangle Snake over a 40th floor balcony? Or is this still a ‘Paul’s Boutique’ era wild west scenario?… Do my 90′s references escape the masses?

    • BigDick187

      hey faggOT since u so into the english language and shit its COPYRIGHT. now go fuck yourself u gay nerd.

      • Alex Dreyer

        I’m guessing your name represents your love of killing cock? R.I.P
        Rest In Penis

      • ML

        you’re* you*

        • Rob

          “Your” was correct.
          “I’m guessing your name represents”
          You’re = you are.

          Either way, Alex is a douche,
          and ML is just illiterate.

          • ML

            jup, indeed… early morning before coffee…

          • Jake

            “u” is what he was correcting. C’mon Rob, get your shit together.

    • Jarmo

      If u haven’t copyrighted ur tracks , literally someone can take ur tunes and copyright them and sell them.. almost works the same way like patenting things… i wish someone would want to steal my tracks hahaha…

  • Aireon Ployd Grimes

    Wow. What a shame. So many fakers out there. What happened to artistic integrity??

    • controlla

      who faked what? both just sampled prodigy (really great artists) and abuse their stuff to make bullshit trap crap.


    Pretty poorly researched article. They both take the Mercer remix and slow it down to a trap tempo and add typical trap elements. Doesn’t seem as egregious now.

    • Xavier Mafe

      Listen to the drops of both tracks. The arrangements are almost identical. The DJ Snake version sounds like it was mastered a bit better but that’s small details at the end of the day.Also btw, the tempo is not slowed down at all from the mercer remix. It is 130 bpm on all three versions

      • CL SMOOTH B

        All 3 versions are equally as bad. Why would anyone listen to this instead of the original. Burn all 3 artists as far as I’m concerned.

        • Xavier Mafe

          Fair enough, but that’s no reason to call this article poorly researched.

          • CL SMOOTH B

            He doesn’t mention the Mercer version which is really where both the versions here borrow from

          • Xavier Mafe

            Not really sure why that is relevant here especially given the fact that both remixes cite the Mercer version and also the fact that you just said that all 3 versions are horrible anyways.

    • Nerd

      What do you expect from this blog?

  • ?

    There should be credit givin to breauxxx either way. It’s a weird situation. People getting paid and no credit given.

    • controlla

      the should give credit and money to prodigy!!!

  • hdfh

    this might be the best thing that’s ever happened to Breaux tho, now we all know who he is

    • Francisco Calderon


      • lol

        already knew breaux :)

  • bom

    Both are talented, both tracks are filthy as hell. change dj snake’s title from a remix to an edit and call it a day

  • Rickey Turner

    Who the fux is Dj Snake …Also how many producers that dj put the actual dj in front of there name lololol… This guy is a joke and jot worth this feed…. how about showing respect for the craft or producing and the skill it takes by not ripping off someone else’s material. Also sound cloud is full of remixes/re rubs/ and robbed and scrubbed shit you must be careful how you buy yourself out there cause you will get called out quick…. Don’t buy or support shit and their won’t be no shit

    • aaaronn

      To be honest, Dj Snake is actually pretty fantastic DJ. This whole situation is pretty fucked, obviously, but he’s at least good at DJing.

      • aaaron

        I take that back. I was thinking of Brillz. I have no clue if DJ Snake is a good DJ or not.
        My bad.

        • otheraaron

          Unrelated, Brillz is a god.

        • Justin

          Having seen him live at a pretty intimate venue, I can say that DJ Snake is a good DJ. His transitions are fucking outstanding.

  • Hershey Maxwell Barber

    Meh to both of them.

  • Johnboo

    cmon .. everyone is doing this… nothing new to me .. Im sure this is a ploy to market him only lol

    • Justin

      if it was a marketing ploy, the track would have been published as an ID – Mercer x The Prodigy “Breathe Remix”. Not as a DJ Snake song… “all publicity is good publicity” is a myth. Why would DJ Snake risk being questioned as a producer to hype an already somewhat popular artist?

  • Charlie Cummings

    Guys i think you’ve got this all wrong. DJ Snakes version came out in april, heres a screenshot of my itunes ( ). this others guys mix was posted a mere 4 months ago so it looks like theres no real controversy here. do your research first!!!

    • Justin

      The version you have in that screenshot is the “Later Night” Remix… which belongs to Breaux, not DJ Snake. I’m inclined to agree with Born’s comment above me.. both are talented artists, both produce great ORIGINAL tunes. Call Snake’s an edit and quit bitching.

      • KeepItReal

        If that’s an edit of Breauxxx’s song by Snake, then it’s pretty damn lazy.

  • KeepItReal

    track is down on Snake’s Soundcloud

  • Final Round

    The real question is why did these two shitty producers ruin an amazingly crafted song in the first place.

    • controlla

      lol… yeah… they sure think “our remix is much better than the original” :)

  • MF

    Usually called a re-rub. Just not marked as such, Idiots.

    • Xavier Mafe

      the issue is that he gave no credit whatsoever to Breaux.

      • weasel

        hello? wake up, this is called the music business. since you saw breaux himself saying that everythings cool, why are you still going on? you think beyonce wrote all her songs just because her name is in the credits? if something says “produced by dr luke” you think he played every single hihat on that? if breaux and snake came to an agreement to cooperate without putting breaux’ name in the title, then thats what it is.

        whether this is the morally right way to deal with it is another question, but apparently breaux saw some benefit for himself that was worth it.

        • controlla

          buy the latest album from beyonce and look in the booklet. full of credits and sample clearances. but in this case it’s just ripped from prodigy and released as “remix” without their permission.

  • Rather Red
  • Caldon4545

    This technique seems to work fine for Pitbull. Made him a top selling artist actually. Learn by example I guess.
    Besides, with everyone making the same beats with the same plug-ins and the same apps, this stuff is almost inevitable, intentional or not.

  • AJ

    If you don’t know who DJ Snake is you really have no right to talk shit. Get an broad understanding of EDM first and then realize all of the sub categories. Just because something is of a different sub genre that you personally dislike does not mean that it is bad music. Be open or be Basic.

  • David Will Williamson Smith Jr

    Sounds remniscient of Prodigy there eh??? Firestarter much? Buy a Motif, Korg and “make” music!!! Original music!

  • David Will Williamson Smith Jr

    This is called mixing and both are covers.

  • Squid Burns

    People quibbling over who mixed two other people’s work?

  • Reggie Waters

    I think it’s pretty evident that Prodigy sampled DJ Snake. Y’all know nothin bout EDM

    • khal

      best comment ever.

  • Stix

    Oh look. Suddenly Breaux has removed the remix from his page. Looks like Snake may have sent an email or “donation” for him to remove it. Such is the music world.

  • bubba

    he is a grammy award winning producer i doubt other ppl r producing his tracks

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