Dogs On Acid Relaunched As Mixspace


Music nerds were in shock as Dogs On Acid randomly shut down last October without warning.  As it was undoubtedly the biggest forum in the world that focused on drum & bass, it came as a surprise to a lot of us that this resource simply disappeared one day.  But as it was a forum that focused on drum & bass, the masses were largely unaware and it became a huge non-event.  In the past few months, they’ve sold all of their content to a graphic designer named Vexus, relaunched as Mixspace, and explain what happened in a lead post penned by Vexus himself.  He explained that the original site was hemorrhaging money, and that though the current brand and layout are different, all of the forum posts from the old Dogs On Acid still exist:

I’ve brought everything back to the very basics and kept the forum as the focus. All data has been recovered including; all posts, topics, avatars, members etc. I’ve made some announcements here where you can see some of the main changes, so please leave feedback. You can post your thoughts so far here. Generally there’s nothing too exciting, I just wanted to just get the site back in working order and then gather feedback from the community to find out what new features people actually want and what direction they want to see the site heading in.”

In a hilarious twist, the thread that explains the new shift is locked and not open for replies.  We’ll see if this outlet survives, and if drum n bass purists decide to continue to contribute to this 13-year-old forum.  If you’re looking to acclimate yourself. the technical workings for users are clearly listed on the Announcements page, and the only forum rule is “Don’t be a knob.”  We’ll keep an eye over there see how this move plays itself out.

  • controlla

    “Electronic music genre related talk”?????

    DOA was a d&b board before!!!!!!

    • Zac

      But, then, the great questions arrose – “DnB vs. Dubstep – Dubstep vs. Brostep” – the internets never fully recovered.

  • Frghe

    all the identity is gone now……………… they are tryin to kill that forum. or they are trying to make it the dnb version of the dubstep forum, with it’s rinse-fm kind of layout…………

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  • SystemsReady

    Oh good, they kept all the old forum posts, so people can still be shown how snobby, elitist, and immature the DnB fans on there are, chasing away all their best talent when they toe the line.

  • Secrecyiskey

    Just want to point out a few flaws in your article. This guy is not a graphic designer, he works nights in a supermarket, took a bank loan to pay for the database, and wants to monetize it with advertising. Oh and it’s also down again, i think he did a poll about renaming the renamed site back to DogsonAcid…