Electric Zoo Has Processed Over 20,000 Refunds (So Far)


When Day 3 of the 2013 Electric Zoo festival was canceled due to “health risks” stemming from two deaths and four hospitalizations, one of the immediate calls from many who were supposed to attend was for refunds to be dealt out. The same day, Made Event announced that they would be getting their refund game on soon, and announced how it would go down. It looks like they spent most of this week holding up to their end of the bargain, reportedly having processed over 20,000 refunds so far:

ezoo refunds note Electric Zoo Has Processed Over 20,000 Refunds (So Far)

If you’re due a refund, be sure to check your account, as these were apparently done automatically. Fair play to Made Event for processing these in a timely manner, considering the reason why the event ended up being canceled.

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    The cancellation of the remaining day of this festival has sparked an economic downturn in the mortuary industry in NYC..