The 2013 Electric Zoo Deaths Officially Confirmed As Drug Overdoses


While the city of New York called for the cancellation of Day 3 of the Electric Zoo due to “health risks,” the speculation had always been that the two deaths (and multiple hospitalizations) were caused by molly overdosing. This week, the medical examiner’s office confirmed that the two deaths were due to a combination of overdoses and hypothermia. Coincidentally, this is the same week where Rolling Stone printed their discussion with Major Lazer regarding what needs to happen in regards to drug use at raves, with Jillionaire saying it best: “we need to teach kids how to do drugs, the same way we teach them about drinking responsibly and having safe sex,” something that DAD writer Nappy spoke on a few weeks back. Whatever the case may be, the watchdogs are out now, and we’re wondering how the next couple of big-name raves and festivals will approach the issue of drug use.

  • HeavyHitter

    “MOLLY” overdose not MDMA overdose.
    I like how they leave that out after all the misinformation that they’ve already spread. Oh well, they got stupid people to not talk or think about Syria (and the atrocities that the president is currently committing by sending billions of dollars in cash and weapons to Al-Qaeda and Taliban terror networks over there) for a few days while they caused a mass-hysteria regarding drugs and dance music, so their mission was accomplished I guess. Fuck you media.

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  • Dylan

    In my opinion, these kid did not overdose on ‘Molly’ per say, but died from taking too much balt salts or meth or something that was sold as Molly to gain more profit to dealers. The EDM scene has changed greatly due to increased popularity coupled with the quick-buck mentality of drug dealers making money off first time ravers. Such a shame.

    • khal

      but if the issue is miseducated “noob” ravers wanting to take “molly,” no matter how “pure,” it’s still a situation regarding misinformed ravers.

    • The Colonel

      I overdosed on beers at the Giants game bro and some A’s fans pummeled my head in the concrete cancel pro sports yo

  • Strike

    Reagent test your product. If youre at a festival, have a thermometer, and make sure you aren’t getting over 101.0 degrees. Water is important but electrolytes are more important. You need to have some Gatorade handy.