Emalkay Announces New Label, EP

I feel like someone recently asked about Emalkay‘s whereabouts. Maybe I’m wrong; maybe I was just talking to myself about wanting new music from this prolific dubstep producer (I tend to do that a lot). (Talk to myself, that is.) (Shut up and get on with it!) Alright, damn. Emalkay, who hasn’t given us much in the way of new music since May, has announced today that he’s aligned with AEI Music to start his own imprint, Bring It Down Records. And for those of you who grew with Emalkay the dubstep producer, “For The People” is definitely a trap track. It won’t be the first time he’s strayed from the 140BPM lane, but judging by the words he’s received on his Facebook page, his followers aren’t too happy with this look. Emalkay made sure to explain what the situation with this forthcoming EP, For The People, is about:

Screen Shot 2013 10 18 at 11 12 10 AM Emalkay Announces New Label, EP

Screen Shot 2013 10 18 at 11 12 26 AM Emalkay Announces New Label, EP

The For The People EP is said to be four tracks (three originals and a remix), although the iTunes pre-order only lists the three tracks. We’ll update you with more info when we receive it.