Eminem Doesn’t Know Who Afrojack Is, and That’s OK

Ron Burgundy was a busy man in Amsterdam. When he got done bike-riding with Daft Punk, he headed over to MTV’s EMAs, where he acted as a sort of host/interviewer to the music industry stars. One of the artists he spoke with in particular was Eminem, and actually got to present him with a “Global Icon” award. After their initial awkward back-and-forth, Burgundy had one final question for Eminem: “Afrojack has been talking shit about you, anything you want to say?” Eminem asked a pretty obvious question (for Eminem, anyways): “Who?” Burgundy says Afrojack‘s name again, to which Eminem asks, again, “who?” Burgundy replies “that’s what I thought,” and the bit is over.

Now judging by the fact that it’s been 11 years since Eminem took shots at Moby with his infamous “nobody listen’s to techno!” line from “Without Me” (which is interesting, considering the unexpected success that Moby’s Play album was receiving a full year-plus after its 1999 release – almost EVERYBODY was listening to techno), and the fact that Em has rapped about not really fucking with computers or the Internet, it’s no real surprise that he wouldn’t know who Afrojack was. Keep in mind that this was at the MTV EMA show, which was not only in Amsterdam but featured Afrojack throughout the entire program – he got shouts out from Snoop Dogg during Snoop’s performance! Is it really a “diss” or “ether” for Eminem to speak on not knowing one of the more prominent figures at this event that just gave him major recognition?

Afrojack’s fans have made this a joke, flooding his Facebook page with responses of “Who?,” and the EDM superstar even joined in on the humor. All of this makes you wonder: was Burgundy legitimately trying to get a rise out of Eminem, or was this a pre-planned bit? We never did find out what “shit” Afrojack would have been saying about Eminem, did we? Either way, one shouldn’t look at this like a diss. And there wasn’t enough there to be proper ether. Just take this for what it was: a mega-superstar not being able to acknowledge a star on the rise because not only does he not listen to that style of music, but he’s far removed from that scene’s news cycle, much of which happens on the Internet, which the mega-superstar has admitted to not even fucking with like that.

Just saying.

  • Hershey Maxwell Barber

    Afrojack is a fucking douche anyway.

    • vasia


  • bob

    We never found out? Of course we did. Afrojack ripped on Eminem’s new album and said he shouldn’t sing. Said Eminem is not a singer, but he does sing. Then compared his singing to McDonald’s meal.
    This site needs to do it’s research. I found this out in about 30 seconds on google


      Source? I checked for like an hour. I keep getting Em “retaliation” but never Afrojack’s “shit talking”.

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      Wake me up when that’s “talking shit” about Eminem. If you actually read the interview, Afrojack isn’t comparing Eminem’s singing to McDonald’s. He was speaking about HIS OWN SINGING, because he wants to sing on his own material.


    • Eyeammickey

      Dude you suck at doing research lol

  • tomo

    Dont really care about Em’s new album. Dont really give a shit about Afrojack. Fuck new hip hop and fuckkkk EDM.

  • African Badass

    What Eminem was simply saying is that Afrojack’s opinion does not matter anyways…..Desperate journo tryna steer dust in a shiny flour!!!

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      You must be talking about Ron Burgundy. He’s the one who brought up Afrojack “talking shit.”

  • PeteDanger

    Ether or either? That shit kept fucking me up. Spell check

    • Nas is best rapper alive

      Ether was the greatest rap diss of all time made by Nas. You can get “dissed” (you can recover) or you can get “ethered” (no recovery). Getting dissed is getting smacked. To be ethered is to get hit with a nuclear bomb.

      • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

        Thank you for breaking that down. I’d assumed “ether” was part of the Internets dictionary at this point.

  • T

    Yah u guys got this completely wrong do your jobs.

  • Eyeammickey

    Afrojack sucks and he was garbage here at voodoo last weekend. Afrojack really only has European fans.

    • Roy Raniel Bacayana

      I’m Asian and I’m a Afrojack fan.Your Argument is Invalid

  • steven

    BUTTHURT journalist hahahah. Stop it dude.

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      Please use more words to explain yourself next time.

  • Emem