Gesaffelstein’s “Nameless” Sounds Oddly Similar to a Visonia Track

Image via Gesaffelstein on Facebook / Marco Dos Santos
Image via Gesaffelstein on Facebook / Marco Dos Santos

As writers, we are very rarely impressed with records. Collectively, we get hundreds of messages on Facebook, Twitter, and in our personal inboxes in regards to tunes. We peek at other sites. We dig on SoundCloud. And as we look to hit that sweet spot time and time again, 99% of the tunes we hear are left unheard. Our entire staff considered Gesaffelstein‘s Aleph album to be one of the most anticipated of the year. This talented Frenchman’s last credits are with Daft Punk, Brodinski, and Mike Dean for two tracks on Kanye West’s Yeezus, and that’s a tough act to follow up.

In listening to the full release, there was no doubt in our mind that Aleph would immediately be considered one of the best albums of the year. Taking minimal to a new level, this release incorporated a seemingly endless influence while stripping tracks down to their bare skin. It’s not overly complicated, but it’s incredibly musical. The sound design is marvelous, and we were smitten. Until, of course, we’re hit with a link comparing “Nameless” with a single called “Rain Of Petals” by Chilean producer Visonia.

Where this gets interesting is that Visonia has collaborated with Dopplerefekkt, an artist that Gesaffelstein considers an influence in a recent piece for Mixmag. Call me a novice if you want, but “Nameless” sounds like a pitched-up and flushed-out version of the track in question. The notes played and their placement on these two records sound way too similar to shrug it off. We have no clue if Visonia is officially listed in the credits (a pitfall in the digital age), but you can feel free to listen to both tunes below and let us know if we’re crazy:

  • Mia

    I’ve been listening to Gesaffelstein for weeks, loved his Hate or Glory track. But I had no idea he was so hot! :) I’ve got to learn more about him. Thanks a lot for the post!

  • Lars

    You are crazy.

  • Clyde Smith

    Both tracks are pretty standard neo 80′s synth that parisian electro artists like Kavinsky and DANGER and countless others have been diving into for years now. I would say if anything Gesaffelstein created his track knowing full well it would be considered a throw back to that style. As far as it sounding like this guy Visonia… The bass synth is the same, but it’s a pretty classic bass line that any fool can turn out on almost any monophonic synth. Sorry man you’re crazy.

    • Michael DjNappy Abernathy

      one degree of separation from an influence and identical sequencing on identical notes? i’m definitely nuts.

  • Hans

    People that are saying this accusation is crazy are stupid. Same chords, same notes, same sequencing, same arrangement? Sorry guys this just might be true

  • Regards, Rishard

    undoubtedly the same progression, difference is in the sound design and melodic material.