Goldie Playing Three-Hour Set at RESPECT in LA on July 3


If you’re in Los Angeles and love drum & bass, you should already be up on the RESPECT club night. If you want intimate spots for your dnb needs, Dragonfly is the place to be as this Wednesday, Goldie will be knocking out a special three-hour set, featuring the lyrical skill of MC Armanni Reign. This one is going to be special, and RESPECT made sure to make this night a pre-sale ONLY event. If you’re even hesitating, you need to roll back to the Metalheadz show on Rinse in June, then go snag your tickets now so you’re not upset at the door.

goldie respect 07032013 Goldie Playing Three Hour Set at RESPECT in LA on July 3

  • The Colonel

    Tight. He’s in SF for free with RSVP this weekend, too.