Grooverider Working on Metalheadz Single


While we stress that there are no further details than this tweet, we have to admit that this tweet has DAD super excited. Randomly, Grooverider let it be known that he needs to finish up the b-side for his new Metalheadz single. That’s right; the man who’s not had a proper release in the stores since the 2002 release of “What Would You Do?” (and his last artist-release for Metalheadz, which was in 1997) said previously that he has ideas about tracks and was itching to get back into production, and it looks like he’s fired up his equipment and will be churning out some beats!


No word on what the a-side will be, or how this will sound, but we have a feeling, if Goldie‘s signing them, he’s got some EPIC tunes on the horizon. Now all we need is for that “Charade” remix to get some kind of release!


  • R4NS0M

    Hear hear on “Charade” remix. Also curious who could be engineering for Grooverider, if he has an engineer, or if he’s going at this solo.

    • khal

      I imagine he has an engineer. He’s busy enough to fit prodcuing in his schedule, you feel me? I doubt it’s Optical, but it could possibly be Heist? He works for Goldie in that capacity, and Heist and Groove have had a great relationship.

      That’s just me speculating though, lol.