Dozens Arrested for Drugs Offenses at The Hudson Project Over the Weekend

Image via The Hudson Project on Facebook
Image via The Hudson Project on Facebook

More than three dozen individuals were arrested on various drug related charges at the Hudson Project festival in Saugerties, New York this past weekend.  The Daily Freeman posted a list of 42 names charged with possession of varying amounts of various drugs, most being male non-residents in their twenties.  While there are more serious offenses that include “criminal possession of a hypodermic instrument, drunken driving and aggravated drunken driving” and a couple counts of resisting arrest, the overwhelming majority of charges are listed as possession of a controlled substance (which one would imagine police would be eager to list as a hallucinogen or hard drug if they could), and countless charges of possession of marijuana.

We can’t recall a festival in recent history with this many arrests, and this reads like a weekend filled with undercover narcotics officers.  As reckless drug intake and overdoses have become synonymous with mainstream dance music, enforcement is the next logical step, but the charges listed sound like narcotics officers swooping in on kids smoking weed and running pockets looking for harder drugs.  We certainly paid attention when we learned that the TSA have jurisdiction at music festivals, and this wave of arrests certainly sends a message.

Hudson Project was evacuated due to dangerous thunderstorms in the middle of the afternoon yesterday, and while EDM Sauce reported that the arrests were a direct result of the early evacuation, more than 80 percent of these reported incidents actually happened on Saturday, not on Sunday when officers were gearing up to ensure that partygoers were exiting safely.  That said, we can’t imagine how many more partygoers would have been detained if yesterday was blessed with clear skies.  We also always suggest that you party responsibly, but if you’re partial to the herbs, you probably shouldn’t smoke spliffs in the open at dance shows anymore.

EDIT We’re getting word from the ground of what was happening at The Hudson Project, and it looks like a lot of these arrests were happening as people were trying to enter the festival:

the officers were state troopers and most of the arrests were happening at the gates. they had two security points, one at the main entrance to the whole thing and then another from that area into the music zone. they actually had a judge on site, so what they were doing. was arresting people for minor possession charges, taking them to the judge, having their little case heard and paying the fine and then they were released

  • John Smith

    Government needs money. Easiest way to get it is at festival lol wake up people please

  • Matt


  • Matt

    They had dogs sniffing bags when you parked and brought your camping gear in and at the venue entrance, this festival was a disaster especially the way it ended with 1000 cars stranded, people needing food and water and the airport like searches at the venue. I highly doubt this festival will return

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  • Kay

    They were searching for drugs the entire time, and making a ton of arrests day and night. And then, when it came time to get people out of the mud, the drugs were just about the only thing good enough to leverage to pay officials and tractors to get them out.

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  • MusicMusic MusicMusic

    ” if you’re partial to the herbs, you probably shouldn’t smoke spliffs in the open at dance shows anymore.”

    GTFOH! Concerts are where is socially acceptable to smoke weed in public. Hell, I smoked a J at lady gaga; the drag queens didn’t mind.

    • Michael DjNappy Abernathy

      we aren’t paying your bail.