This Guy DJing With His iMac is the Funniest Thing We’ve Seen All Week

Image via @K15music on Twitter
Image via @K15music on Twitter

We have so many questions. I just hope this is his “DJ iMac” and not his “everything in my life is on this iMac.” Hasn’t he ever heard of copping a laptop?

  • madcowlicks

    For all the questions you may have, I have just one to ask in response — does it really matter? It looks like a school dance. I like to enjoy a few good laughs as much as the next person, but this isn’t funny — it’s petty elitism.

    • Dylan B

      it doesn’t matter… But people think that old guys using iMacs to DJ need to be put on blast.

    • hrmmm

      agreed. use whatever toold you have your hands on. What matters if it’s an imac? mac laptops are expensive! maybe he needs to be more cost efficient for a more powerful machine? I dunno. he has his reasons for using an imac. props to him for not giving an f and lugging it around like so many of us did/do with crates of vinyl. let him do his thing, DAD. I find nothing funny about a DJ on their hustle.

  • Dylan B

    Damn bruh…. Look at dat sound.

  • Jonah Kornspun

    Attempting to locate the joke.

  • Alfonso Rosa

    And of course everybody in the comments is super overly sensitive…..

    • madcowlicks

      It’s called empathy.

  • Bernadette

    Hey, it’s got a bigger 21″ screen and it looks like an older one so I maybe he got it cheap (or had it forever). You do what you gotta do to get out there. It’s better than not having anything. Those new iMacs are super thin, it would be kinda neat if it had a folding stand.