Jeff Mills Has Retired “The Wizard”


Jeff Mills is a part of the unit that essentially innovated Detroit techno (Underground Resistance), and his DJ sets as “The Wizard” on the Electrifying Mojo radio show had fans of his technical prowess line up around city blocks and made fire marshalls work overtime in nightclubs around the world since the 1980s. However, after mixed reviews of his selection at the Movement Festival in Detroit last year (video after the jump), he’s unfortunately decided to hang up the Wizard alias, as he announced in a recent interview with Beatport:

I thought it went well, but from what I heard afterwards many people were not satisfied with hearing an eclectic set, or at least an eclectic set from me. This was unfortunate to hear because Detroit had always been a place where the mixing of music styles was common—and infamous for. There were not many places that I can play as The Wizard outside of Detroit and the surrounding areas because certain tracks had to be recognized and highly noted by those who remember them in context from when they were first heard and introduced on Detroit radio in the 1980s. I sense there weren’t many people of that age or generation attending [Movement] last year, so as a clear indication to the way things have progressed, The Wizard is a historic concept that will indefinitely rest with last year’s festival.

The departure of Mills as “The Wizard” is definitely a striking blow to Detroit’s rich musical history and a telling sign of the times in dance music, but the legacy he leaves behind is one that will remain untouchable for some time to come.