Juke Ellington Exposed for Stealing Music


This is news that truly disheartens me.  I had an incredible amount of respect for Juke Ellington.  I knocked out a mix last year consisting of tunes he suggested (and credited him as a collaborator), and I was awaiting a remix from him for some stems from a record (juke, of course) that I had been working on.  He seemed to be churning out records at a ridiculous pace, and now we know why.  The accusation that he’s stealing tunes from people, making minor tweaks, and releasing them as his own seemed like an impossibility.  But that’s exactly what he’s been accused of, and the links on Reddit paint a vivid picture.

Here we have a tune from Kid Urban, a promising producer from the UK.

The record in question was removed the tune from Juke Ellington’s SoundCloud page.  But, alas.  It was posted on BlastMeTracks’ page on YouTube.  And it does indeed appear to be the same exact tune.  The samples are in the same place.  The sequencing sounds exactly the same.  He didn’t even bother to change the name of the tune.  The only difference seems to be that the record has been pitched down:

At some point yesterday, Juke Ellington decided to remove all of the pictures of himself, and admit wrongdoing.  Excuse his English, it’s not his first language:

juke Juke Ellington Exposed for Stealing Music

This isn’t quite as bad as I first assumed.  But I’m wondering why you would take someone elses’ work and put your name on it as if you created it?   As a heads up to any aspiring producer, stealing music is the most disrespectful move you can make.  It shows that you don’t care for the art, the artists making it, or the fans that think that these tunes are yours.  Sampling a record without approval or allowing people to secretly ghost produce tracks might be unethical, but they are practices within the industry that are tolerated.  Ripping an entire record is inexcusable.  Juke is the father of a young child.  I don’t know what else he does for money.  This article runs the risk of ruining his musical credibility forever.  As someone who advocated for him, was disappointed when paperwork held him from playing in the U.S., and someone who’s collaborated with him,  I’m fuming.

So there is no confusion down the road, please pay attention.  Anyone proven to steal material from another and repackage it as their own will be blacklisted at this site, and any other site I work at for all of eternity.  I reached out to Juke Ellington for a statement, and will update you if he decides to respond.

EDIT After posting this article, it looks like BOTH Juke Ellington and Kid Urban simply purchased the song from DreamFellas on SoundClick and released the track as their own.  It’s the third track on their page.

UPDATE Juke Ellington took to his Twitter page this morning to speak out about the situation after a Twitter conversation we had with a DAD reader:






It might be too late, but he’s being open and honest about the situation after being found out.

  • LIly

    This happens more often then you would think, especially to producers who arent established yet.Though have you seen that the track is available to purchase from http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandid=1303546 as being from a totally different artist altogether?

    • Sashwat – Dank ‘N’ Dirty Dubz

      Nice find Lily!

    • Michael DjNappy Abernathy

      article has been updated. thanks so much for this link!

  • 1253264362

    Before anyone goes off accusing this Kid Urban dude of anything, I found this video of him on Youtube where he’s working on that beat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlWDbi1u_Jo

    There are a few possibilities here:
    * Kid Urban IS Dream Fellas
    * Dream fellas actually stole the beat from KU
    * KU is making fake Youtube videos and overdubbing other tracks on it to make himself seem legit (although the volume meter on FL Studio matches the track, it’s not an impossibility), although I think this is pretty unlikely…he has quite a few videos up and seems to know what he’s doing

    So many questions, and it’s pretty much all disappointing.


    This is what happens when you listen to fake ass trap music… sorry. Gucci Mane never gets accused of stealing other people’s music.

    • Michael DjNappy Abernathy

      Every comment you’ve ever left anywhere has been negative. Unless someone in EDM is remixing Gucci, he isn’t what we’re talking about. Feel free to park yourself at Worldstar.

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      Gucci Mane isn’t a producer; your “insult” would’ve made more sense if you mentioned an actual rap producer.


        Fine, Zaytoven, Lex Luger, Mike Will

        • Michael DjNappy Abernathy

          ok i’ll give you that :-)

  • Nebakaneza

    How can you make a mix full of tracks that someone else suggested. It shows that you don’t care for the art of the DJ.

    • curlz

      What? its called doin something diffrent and challenging yourself to mix somethin else other than youre usual genres or styles, this has nothing to do with that anyway this dudes stealin tracks, atleast he manned up and admited it and said he was wrong for doin it

  • anon

    I wish he was able to articulate his thoughts better in this matter. But that’s not his fault really, perhaps it should be in french and WE can translate….

  • http://soundcloud.com/the-colonel-mc The Colonel

    The bigger sin is releasing shit trap. Don’t care who made it, it sucks, lol

    Bro needs to get back to juke

  • David Weston

    give the man a break…he is human…everyday people in this world get 2nd 3rd and 4th chances for much worse. He’s not using a secret drone program to kill hundreds of kids, it’s music and you even said he has a young mouth to feed. I say lets see what he does to redeem himself. please do not ban him yet, i’m not even a fan but his tweets made me feel true emotion…can we give him a chance?

    • blaaaah

      Nope, sorry. This is one of those ‘one strike you’re out’ kind of things. His entire back catalog (which is extensive) is now in question. On top of that, the fact that he straight up stole another artist’s work shows a phenomenal disrespect for the craft.

      Fuck him.

      • David Weston

        I’ve forgotten more about music in the last week than you have learned about music your whole life. your 1 strike outlook is plain nonsense. what he did is in the bottom .0001 percent of what’s wrong in the world at the moment so educate yourself and please show me enough respect to come back and respond to a post of mine when you have an intelligent point to make.

        • lobsterbox

          “I’ve forgotten more about music in the last week than you have learned about music your whole life.” what kind of pompous asshole believes this claim, much less makes it? You invoke the idea of respect and intelligence after making that massively dickish and idiotic comment? Jesus christ, no wonder you’re defending this dreck. No one who actually loves music that much would be caught dead trying to use it to hate on others. Nice try, poser.

          As far as actual content: There’s a reason when artists are found out to be thieves like this that labels disassociate with them. As Blaaah said, now everything he’s done is in question and will be forever. It’s rare that someone just offhandedly steals a track and calls it a day and happens to get caught on only that one track. I’ve noticed Juke has pulled down lots of his other tracks in the past week.

          Are zero tolerance policies for plagiarism not okay with you when it involves music? I just don’t understand where you’re coming from here. If you steal by straight up slapping your name on someone else’s hard work, you should fail, because that’s about the lowest thing you can do in the music game as an artist. No one brought up what’s wrong with the rest of the world so no idea why you’re going there, try to stay on topic please.

          • David Weston

            Everyone in the music business steals…at least he owned up to it…do some research. there are lots of books and documentaries on the subject. If you are too lazy for that then google the site “Sounds Like”. If you don’t want to listen to him then don’t but a clueless nobody like yourself has no buisiness talking in length about the situation or the man’s character. If you do know anything about good music then you would know that “Paul’s Boutique” by the Beastie Boys is the greatest album of all time and they stole hundreds of songs to craft that masterpiece. Now go learn your history before trying to debate the worlds #1 Musicologist.

          • lobsterbox

            Are you really trying to equate decades of hip hop sampling with some Ableton jockey jacking a track, adding NOTHING, then slapping his name on it? It’s such an obvious difference here I’m not going to bother spelling it out for you, especially since you think you know a lot about music.

            I’m not sure if you’re serious at all but if you actually believe you are a “Musicologist” you’ve got some work to do before ya become number one. I’m convinced you’re trolling because no one could be this stupid or obtuse without trying.

            I love how you refuse to back up your completely laughable claim about “forgetting more about music in a week than you’ll learn about in your whole life.” But I wouldn’t try either considering what a ridiculously deluded statement that is and how it’d invalidate everything else I said. Don’t worry though, no one is believing it for a second, you write like a retard and clearly haven’t actually discussed or read much about music.

            But seriously, Paul’s Boutique best album of all time? Okay dude, run along with your super advanced opinion, this “debate” is way too basic for you.

  • Alex Channelle

    I know Kid Urban personally, it’s 100% his – he showed me it before it was actually a finished track. He always has his tracks stolen.

    • Zac

      Dont you think that says something about him, if he ‘always has his tracks stolen’? Like, if someone had one track stolen, I’d believe it was really stolen. If someone has their tracks stolen frequently, Id have to wonder more if they were actually the ones stealing them.

      • Alex Channelle

        I have *helped* produce 3 of the tracks Dreamfellas have stolen in KU’s bedroom. If you took some time to look at KU’s youtube videos, you’ll see he has every FLP of the tracks Dream Fellas are selling, and if you look on Dream Fellas’ soundclick, they ONLY SELL THE WAV FILE. Who has the FLP’s to the tracks? Kid Urban. He’s also made a video showing exactly how he made swerve, showing all of the sounds, samples and the FLP. I have physically seen these tracks being made, why would you even question.

        • Zac

          Then why is this not an article about DreamFellas? If they are profitting from this, thats a whole different level of fucked up than ‘Juke bought a track on SoundClick and gave it away for free’.

          • Alex Channelle

            Why are you still question this? It’s obviously clear Kid Urban made the fucking song man, you don’t have to know him to see. Look at his youtube channel, he’s just made a video with the individual wav files for the track as a remix competition for his thousands of followers you ignorant fuck. People have just assumed Kid Urban stole it from DreamFellas without looking in to this properly. Still skeptical?

          • Alex Channelle

            OH and if you look at the comment above on this, looks as if DreamFellas have removed all of the tracks stolen from Kid Urban (around 7-8). Peace out you ignorant fuck.

          • Zac

            Dude, if you dont speak English well enough to know my comment was Demonizing Dreamfellas (i said, make the article about them because they are the thieves) – dont cuss me out. it makes you look bad.

            I wasnt still questioning it. So for you to get that mad – you might wanna get that checked out.

          • Zac

            i said, anyone making profit from stolen stuff is fucked up – and someone needs to expose dreamfellas – the source of the problem – because they stole from two people here – they stole Kid Urbans track – and they stole ellingtons money. I read my comment twice and I dont understand how I was being ignorant in any way by saying ‘dreamfellas are dickheads’

          • Alex Channelle

            ‘Then why is this not an article about DreamFellas?’. I’m pretty sure that was still questioning it, however it’s all proven now so theres no point continuing this conversation.

          • hdfh

            i agree with this

  • 1253264362

    Dream Fellas seem to remove the tracks.

  • 1253264362

    Dream Fellas seem to have removed the tracks

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  • yamama13

    Pretty Lights stole from Nightmares on Wax…did people already forget about that??

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  • John Wills

    youtube link is down. Here is the track in question.

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  • Willy Benal

    Bah alors gros porc ? mythomane, voleur de tracks qui accuse les autres de l’être comment ça se passe ? Juste un sale junkie wannabe. Les gens que t’as diffamé sont trop haut pour venir écraser l’insecte que tu es et ont suffisamment un bon fond pour pas venir t’enfoncer un peu plus dans ta graisse huileuse de violeur d’enfant mais nous on sera pas si gentil. Je jubile à la lecture de tes excuses minables, tu n’as aucun talent. Tu t’es lancé dans la musique pour avoir l’impression de ne pas être la grosse merde que tu es mais tu n’est pas à propos de cette vie. Toi comme tout ceux que tu suce vous etes des grosses victimes on vous souffle dessus vous mourrez… La musique c’est fini mais ton enveloppe corporelle aussi elle va prendre et reprendre des coups sale chti consanguin. Tu vas manger et au passage on s’occupera des autres gangsters de facebook de ton espece qui peuplent ta région. Tu peux porter plainte si tu veux sale pute je m’appelle William Benal, j’habite à Paris 17 rue pierre lescot et je vais venirr t’achever ASAP enculeur de nourissons.

    Valable pour toutes les pedales qui sont allées trop loin avec mes gars surs. Le silence n’est pas un oubli, tout est noté, tout le monde aura sa part, ça vous apprendra a vous en tenir a ce que vous savez faire : cliquer sur des boutons dans ableton et sucer des bookings en club pour des bookings a 200e quand vous êtes sages hahaha.

  • Alex Channelle

    Kid Urban made the majority of tracks Dreamfellas are selling, I know Dave personally. Dreamfellas and Juke are the people stealing

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