Kanye West’s “Send It Up” is a Smorgasbord of Electronic Music Producers


Just in case you live under a rock or couldn’t access your neighbor’s WiFi yesterday, Kanye West‘s Yeezus leaked. While the leak caused many Internets to go insane, we spent time actually listening to the project. One of the tracks we’d been waiting to hear was the banger “Send It Up,” and in looking over the tracklist and production credits, this might be the most major assortment of talented electronic producers on a rap track EVER:

09. Send It Up (feat. King L & Iamsu) (Prod. Gesaffelstein, Arca, Daft Punk, Hudson Mohawke)

How insane is that?! Daft Punk and Hudson Mohawke on the same track is wild enough, but adding Gesaffelstein AND Arca to the mix? No wonder this is one of the most talked about tracks on the album! Check out the full tracklist below, which also features appearances by TNGHT and Evian Christ (although, oddly enough, no Skrillex like we’d been expecting):

01. On Sight (Prod. Daft Punk) (02:37)
02. Black Skinhead (Prod. Daft Punk, Travi$ Scott, Mike Dean) (03:08)
03. I Am A God (feat. Justin Vernon) (Prod. Daft Punk, Hudson Mohawke, Kanye West, Travi$ Scott, Mike Dean, Rick Rubin) (03:51)
04. New Slaves (feat. Frank Ocean) (Prod. Daft Punk, Travi$ Scott, Hudson Mohawke, Mike Dean, Kanye West) (04:16)
05. Hold My Liquor (feat. Chief Keef & Justin Vernon) (Prod. Young Chop, Mike Dean, Arca, Rick Rubin) (05:25)
06. I’m In It (feat. Justin Vernon) (Prod. RZA, Travi$ Scott, Mike Dean, Evian Christ) (03:54)
07. Blood On The Leaves (feat. Tony Williams) (Prod. TNGHT, Kanye West, Mike Dean) (06:00)
08. Guilt Trip (feat. Kid Cudi) (Prod. Symbolyc One, Arca, Travi$ Scott, Mike Dean, Ackeejuice Rockers) (04:03)
09. Send It Up (feat. King L & Iamsu) (Prod. Gesaffelstein, Arca, Daft Punk, Hudson Mohawke) (02:58)
10. Bound 2 (feat. Charlie Wilson) (Prod. Kanye West, No I.D., Symbolyc One, The Heatmakerz, Rick Rubin) (03:49)



    why should it take so many producers to produce these tracks? they’re nothing particularly special, but they’re noisy.

    • braindead

      exactly. That’s what is happening to music today. Everyone throws a bunch of big names on their shit and it’s still that…shit.

      • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

        i think that’s way too general. it’s more of how the way Kanye West operates. the liner notes for most of his albums/compilations have a lot of people listed as “producer.” but i wouldn’t say that’s how “everyone” does it… nor would i consider this “throwing a bunch of big names.” most people outside of the electronic music realm – and even some INSIDE – don’t know who arca is.