“Kidz Bop 24″ Includes a Cover of Baauer’s “Harlem Shake”

I guess when you’re getting sued left and right, you sometimes have to resort to some creative ways to get funds. Not that this is creative as much as it is bizarre, the infamous Kidz Bop series has included a “cover” of Baauer‘s world-beater “Harlem Shake” as a part of the deluxe version of Kidz Bop 24. This “cover” features the original recording with additional vocal bits in which some kidz repeatedly say “kidz” on beat. Too bad they didn’t grab Lil’ Poopy to spit some bars over this.



  • Elizabeth de Moya

    Has anyone noticed that most of the songs on that cd are completely inappropriate for children to be singing?

    • khal

      very true, although it’s better than having them listen to the actual radio…

  • Francisco Tatis

    Ugh. KB has done it /again/.