Krewella’s Former Managers File Lawsuit

Image via Krewella on Facebook
Image via Krewella on Facebook

And now for your interesting story for a Friday afternoon. Word is that, before Krewella truly got put on, they were rolling with two meta-accomplished managers: Barbara Kennedy, who has worked with Madonna, and Terry Casey, who worked with everyone from The Beatles to Bob Marley. As the story from their lawsuit tells it, they met Krewella in August of 2010, back when they were “functionally and substantially unknown on the national music scene.” The managerial duo’s attorney Jonathan Plaut says they introduced Krewella to people at Sony (note: they’re signed to Columbia, a label that’s owned by Sony Music Entertainment), as well as to promoters and the folks at Webster Hall.

Kennedy and Casey ended up signing a six-year contract to manage Krewella in October of 2011, and as the NY Post reports, they immediately secured their $400,000 Columbia contract, introduced them to Mariah Carey’s producers (??), and booked an international tour for the trio… so of course they received an email in March of 2012 saying that they need to “move on” without Kennedy or Casey, without citing any reason why… although the assumption is that Krewella latched onto these powerful, proven managers to rise through the ranks quickly, then drop them like a bad bassline when the money came.

This of course leads Kennedy and Casey to sue Krewella to uphold the contract they signed in 2011. They are asking for “20 to 25 percent commissions on all their income until 2016 when the contract was set to expire. They also want the court to order Krewella to disclose how much money they’ve made since 2011.” That’s kind of wild, but understandable if they signed that contract through 2016. Something to ponder, though: if Krewella had not risen to the Billboard-charting EDM trio that they are today, would this lawsuit even be going down? And when did this lawsuit get filed? It’s kind of coincidental timing that Kennedy and Casey’s lawsuit hits the newswire after Get Wet is released. Not saying that’s what they did… but the timing is suspicious.

In any case, Krewella’s attorney says that “These allegations are entirely without merit and Krewella looks forward to vindicating their position in court.” We’ll keep you posted on this as the situation develops.

  • calamundo

    Krewella who?! Nobody knows them outside the U.S.

    • DaBo$$

      Lol do your research before speaking please

      • calamundo

        What research? Krewella is nearly unknown in Europe.

        • khal

          i guess that “international tour” that Kennedy and Casey booked didn’t do as well LOL

    • adfafadsf

      You’re an idiot. They are one of the biggest EDM bands in the world right now.

  • Derp

    They suck so bad anyway, who cares. Bad Skrillex (from years ago) rip-off with corny ass lyrics. Makes me cringe

  • realtalk

    this is poor journalism. who cares if the lawsuit’s “timing is suspicious”? that doesn’t matter. a contract is a contract and when someone owes you money you have the right to go after it. i’m not saying the management is right but i understand why they’re acting now. who wouldn’t?

    • khal

      1) I definitely said “but understandable if they signed that contract through 2016.”

      2) I still think it’s a valid question: if Krewella hadn’t been a success, would this lawsuit even have been filed?

  • So

    “if Krewella had not risen to the Billboard-charting EDM trio that they are today, would this lawsuit even be going down?”

    This is irrelevant, there is a written contract that is to be upheld… regardless of the timing of the lawsuit…

  • Frezie Frizz

    “20 to 25 percent commissions on all their income until 2016″. Now I understand why the scene people want new talent to suck up.

    anyone can rise to stardom these days…

  • Frezie Frizz

    They got famous, then dumped the experienced but expensive managers for a younger dude who wears green shinny jackets, who seams abitious and full of ideas.

    Krew think they can rely on social media only, to keep their careers going. The internet miracles?? That is a myth. But the truth is that: no one gets anywhere without connections and a powerful network behind.

    Good luck to the trio. Legal bonds are not breakable with emails.. childish move.

    • khal

      “But the truth is that: no one gets anywhere without connections and a powerful network behind.” Definitely.

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