Death Reported Outside of Life In Color in Detroit, With 15 People Hospitalized

Image via Life In Color on Facebook
Image via Life In Color on Facebook

While reports are sketchy, word from Michigan is that a dead body was found early Sunday morning outside of the Novi’s Suburban Collection Showplace, which was the venue that hosted the Life In Color show from the previous nightThe Oakland Press reported that the male, identified as 18-year-old Kostika Fushi, was said to have been in town to attend Life In Color but for some reason was not able to get in. His body was found in the snow near Novi, and he was not dressed for the colder conditions. Reports from ABC affiliate 7 Action News are saying that it was freezing rain when the attendees left the venue, and many of them were looking for shelter from the weather (as well as taxis and shuttles from the event, many of which were said to not want to give rides). Their report speculates, however, that Fushi might not have been able to get a ride home from the event. They also say that there were 15 people who were hospitalized from the event at Providence Park Hospital, with speculation that more were admitted to other hospitals in the area.

As of right now, there is no suspected foul play in Fushi’s death, but with it being an EDM event, and reports of hospitalizations in the area surrounding this event, you always know what’s being brought up: Molly. We hate to speculate, but if there was, say, a Dancesafe tent station set up, and kids could be testing the pills that are going around, would we be seeing these high numbers of hospitalizations? And as one DAD reader has since pointed out, it is weird that we hear of the attendees having trouble getting out – how did they get in? Were they all shuttled? Regardless of the situation, we’ll keep you posted on any details when they become available.

  • Emily

    He was too drunk so the security guards didn’t let him in..,

    • Ross Jones

      I’m a reporter trying to learn more about the event here and whether or not the problems mentioned could have been prevented. If you attended the LIfe in Color event or know someone who did, can you please contact me? My phone number is (248) 827-9466, or you can e-mail me at


  • BigDick187

    The problem is that they are in Detroit! The drug scene is bad there because there are so many blacks in the city that most of the drugs are cut with really bad substances. This is why you should always test your drugs and NEVER buy molly off of a black.

  • Ryan

    Are you kidding me? Drug abuse is prominent in every state, in every city, regardless of it being in Detroit. Why would you even turn this into something about race and about blacks? A young man died and all you have to conclude is that it’s because of the drug scene caused by blacks…you are so ignorant and so completely wrong…Shake my head..

  • Kelly

    As far as it “being strange” that the kids couldn’t find rides out, unfortunately it has become common for youth attending these LIC events to pre game and arrive at the events high or drunk. It actually makes sense that a lot of them would choose not to drive to the event, therefore nobody would have to play DD.

    • khal

      we were speaking more to the kids not being able to get taxis/shuttles. the idea of transport to and from this show is interesting.

  • Miss Brittney B

    This venue was actually an hour outside of Detroit… Novi. Why all these events constantly say Detroit when they are up to an hour away, I don’t know. But either way… you should know your facts before you post some dumb-ass opinion Mr. Little Dick. It sounds like you have never been to Detroit and if I were you I would stay away so you don’t get the little racist ass beat to shit!

    • killbill

      Not an hour away….more like 20 minutes from Detroit

  • khal

    Racism has no parts on DAD, and I’m glad our smart readers put you in your place. This situation sees no color (or all color, based on the variety of paint that’s used at these parties). Keep that nonsense out of our comments.

  • Free
    • khal

      That was one of the pieces we sourced in this…

  • Destiny Marie

    I went to life in color in Cincinnati at US Bank Arena… in addition to being treated like I was some drugged up teenage criminal at the door coming in (and I would like to say for the record that my friend and I were NOT drunk/high nor did we take anything once inside), during it the staff lining the halls were all eyeing us like they disapproved and that they were annoyed with us… On top of that, when it was all over they simply threw us all out. Literally. The staff started walking down the halls yelling at us all to get out. A few of us tried to hide out in the bathroom to give us enough time to wait for rides who were stuck in traffic but they sent people in to clear the bathrooms, literally walking in one bathroom door and herding us out the other so that we could be herded outside and the doors locked behind us. Let me also point out that no bags were allowed in, which was understandable but the arena website had falsely stated that there would be a bag check. When my friend and I asked about bag check, the woman at the door treated us like idiots and sneered that we needed to get rid of our bags (which contained our jackets for later and nothing else) before we would be allowed in the building.

    Afterward we were all COVERED in wet paint, drenched from head to toe wearing shorts and short sleeved shirts with no jackets out in the cold. My friend and I hauled ass over the the parking garage elevator where we were joined by a group of five or so other prople from inside and we all huddled together and rode the elevator up and down until our rides got there.

    I have to say that I was extremely upset with how the staff at US Bank Arena treated the event. They treated us all like a neusance and seemed all too happy to throw a bunch of drenched, jacketless young adults into the cold with nowhere to go until they found a way home. I had even tried to explain to one of them as tgey were herding me out the door that my ride was stuck in traffic and that I didnt have a jacket. I was ignored and shoved out the door anyway.

    I have attended hockey games at US Bank Arena and have not been treated with such disrespect. It wouldnt have been so bad if they at least had a bag check so that people could at least have jackets when they were so rudely thrown out. I understood they had a closing time and all but it was all very poorly handled. Luckily, Cincinnati is safer than most places in Michigan and I didnt hear of anything bad happening to people leaving the arena but by the way we were all thrown out, im surprised something didnt happen.

    • Steph

      Yeah they were quick to rush you out. We were waiting for a ride when the staff was screaming at us to leave, while it was freezing rain outside and our ride was still on the way. So we stood outside freezing waiting, it was so cold while we were already soaked from the show.

  • Mac

    I was at this, and I definitely believe age has a factor. 17+ are you kidding me? Kids in high school don’t need to be amongst these “mega” raves where there are at least a thousand plus people. The risk is just to much in my eyes. When I was 17 I was super immature and I wouldn’t want myself going to something that was so out of control.

    • khal

      Seems to be an issue at a number of EDM events.

    • Stephanie

      agreed !

  • Amanda

    I must agree with u, I was at this event & regardless if it wasn’t in Detriot most of the people in there were from Detriot..the drugs they took were mixed with other chemicals I completely agree, NEVER just be safe & responsible & plur on :) btw 17+ are u kidding me? Kids shoudnt go to mega raves like that.

  • Stephanie

    These events need to start being 21+… And they need to stop assuming its always a fucking drug, the most popular: Molly. There are other fucking drugs out there that have killed people during any type of event. PCP, LSD, “Molly” that’s probably not even molly (the molly that has been confiscated in NYC from events stated that after it’s been tested, only 14% of the ABUNDANCE of molly confiscated had ACTUAL MDMA. The rest has terrible shit in it.), K, acid. Etc. People that don’t know shit about the scene and go to them just to get fucked up, please stop. You’re making the EDM scene look like we’re just a bunch of pill popping low lives… I’m about to graduate law school with an incredible GPA and I try to go to as many festivals as possible and this bad rep you 18 year old kids are giving us is just so ridiculous. I went to TomorrowWorld, a 21+ event, 140,000+ people attended for 5 days and there were no deaths… then this shit happens. Fucking stop. Or be responsible…

  • jacki

    I attended the Detroit LIC party and am not shocked at all reading this, as sad as that is. The 17+ crowd was ridiculous. Drugs are inevitable at a party like this and to allow anyone under 21 to attend is a shocker, and a liability frankly. Also the ride situation was pretty sketchy. My group of friends were shuttled in and luckily my boyfriend and I were fed up by the scene early enough to catch a cab back to our hotel (the sight of little kids over dosing and dropping like flies all around us was more then unsettling). But later in the night when the rest of our group was ready, they were getting pushed out in the cold with no shuttle in sight. They all (luckily) caught rides from strangers. Which in itself isn’t safe. The venue and LIC brand should have been more prepared for this. Especially knowing the weather we were going to have. That party single handedly ruined the “rave” scene for me. And I 100% blame the venue, the poorly planned ride situation and the 17+ crowd. I feel sorry for the kid who died and the rest of the kids there that had to see what I saw.

    • Cindy Lou

      Why is the venue responsible for getting the “children” home?? I have attended dozens & dozens of events and have never ever!!! relied on the venue to provide me with a ride at the end of it. That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. When you go to a movie or out to eat, does that establishment give you a ride home? Not hardly.

  • S1567

    I was at this event and there were a LOT of kids there which was a little suprising. My group of friends, all over 21, drank before the concert and shuttled to the show from our hotel and they told us on the way that they stop running at 11 and that the taxi cab companies in Novi were refusing to pick up from the venue because of the paint mess. We were under the impression that they would have drinks available at the concert, there were not. We left the show about a half hour before it ended to try to figure out a ride. There were cops standing in the lobby and after calling every cab company we could find online, we asked the cops if they had any suggestions on how we were supposed to get back to our hotel as it was almost 2 miles away, we were soaked from head to toe, and it was freezing outside and they just blew us off. We stood by one of the doors and the doors were locked and people were getting yelled at by security if other concert goers let them back inside the venue, even though it was extreme cold conditions. LIC had NO transporation options and if it werent for one of the security guys passing us a card of a taxi that WOULD come pick us up, I don’t know what we would have done to get back to the hotel. The venue & LIC should be ashamed of themselves for not at least having viable options to concert goers on transporation out of there & kicking people out into the freezing weather. Walking would have been an option in the summer, however; walking outside in those conditions is just plain dangerous and stupid.

    • Cindy Lou

      Stupid pointless event. I have read every article on this that I could find. I am not just “over 21″ but I am not that old that I do not remember being that young and wanting to have fun. Please tell me how this is fun?? I just don’t get it. Who wants to be soaked with paint? Which is poisonous and toxic? And if you are all so grown up, find your own ride. You got there. Get back to your hotel. If I were a cab company or a shuttle bus I wouldn’t want you in my vehicle. Would you pay double or triple the cost of the ride to clean or perhaps replace carpeting or upholstery? Between paint & throw up you’re not getting in my vehicle. And back to my original question. How in the world is this fun?? What about loud music & sweat & something less toxic than paint?

  • Ross

    Hello. I’m a reporter trying to learn more about the Novi “Life in Color” event and whether or not the problems mentioned here could have been prevented. If you attended the LIC event or know someone who did, can you please contact me? My phone number is (248) 827-9466, or you can e-mail me at