London Elektricity Says DESTROID’s Live Show “Encapsulates How Utterly and Completely S**t ‘EDM’ Is”

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A few days ago, we got to see the first clips of DESTROID’s long-awaited live show, and many of you were blown away. It’s truly a different vibe than many shows out there, from the costumes the trio is wearing to the sound they are dropping. London Elektricity‘s Tony Colman knows a thing or two about transforming dance music into a live format (which we’ve previously shown you), and didn’t mince words in describing how he envisioned their stage performance: “this perfectly encapsulates how utterly and completely shit ‘EDM’ is.”

A few of the subsequent tweets included both Excision and KJ Sawka; surprisingly, Colman had nice things to say about KJ Sawka, but it doesn’t look like he knew much about DESTROID. Maybe he considered Sawka as just the live drummer for their shows, and not an integral part of the group. Regardless, both expressed themselves properly and there’s not been much recourse or response from either side on it since.

The question we have is: Does an outfit like DESTROID, in full costume and blasting huge bass music, the epitome of what makes EDM “shit?” If not, what does?

  • nope

    How did no one comment on this? This show looks retarded on a level I couldn’t have possibly fathomed before seeing it unfold like the musical holocaust it was. Brostep has been dead for at least a year and this was like watching two guys hump the corpse. As for the audience its was the musical equivalent of seeing someone watching Two and a Half men and laughing their asses off at every joke. I couldn’t help but wonder, “are you guys seriously fucking buying this crap?” Theres no irony for them at all. They’re “thinking”: “Oh shit badass costume dude! What kind of futuristic guitar is that?! So innovative!” These kids should be neutered in the name of population control.

    • plopopo


    • Mike Stannard

      Do you have no inner sci-fi nerd who has any appreciation for robot suits, and custom midi controller guitars? I think these guys do have a sense of irony, I don’t think you give them enough credit given your obvious distaste for “modern edm.”

  • crystalclearsoundsphere
  • Wes

    Excision shows in itself is just dumb. They are all about how loud they can turn up the music. I drove a bunch of fucked up people to it and they loved me on the other hand could not enjoy 5 minutes of it then i was forced to buy 30 dollar ear plugs that they sell. The music people call dubstep is now shit. The EDM as a scene tho is not shit. Unfortunately you have to capture all electronic music under this EDM title but bands like Emancipator, STS9, and Lotus all do a really good job of staying a band and bringing a good EDM live experience. Dubstep live shows = shit. Real live shows = obviously a lot better.

    • Ben

      No you just aren’t going to the right dubstep shows. Do your homework and you will find quality dubstep out there, it’s just tucked away in the corner doing amazing things while the bro network sucks the life out of the genre. I wouldn’t even call what they do dubstep cause it isn’t anymore. It is brostep. I guess this is the last hurrah for the brostep to see if they can emulate GG Allen and take a shit on the stage and maybe throw it at the audience, maybe then the brosteppers will go home and let the real dubsteppas bring the music back.

  • Andrew Cizek

    itt: haters hating

  • Mike Stannard

    Yawn at the usual expletive laiden tirades of grumpy old “too hardcore for thou” types. This isn’t really my thing but I think it’s cool someone is trying for a balls out live show. I’m more the ignore the dj behind the curtain type, but c’mon guys, I think all the hate being thrown at dubstep and louder varieties of eletronic is just pointless and entirely subjective. Not all of us want to sip tea to adult contemporary (like the new Daft Punk) or chin stroke to “minimalist” techno.

    • FuckDubSteP

      there is nothing live about the show….they play other peoples music….triggering WAV files in ableton with a MIDI guitar is not live

  • FuckDubSteP

    @disqus_jkNjhsdvBQ:disqus couldn’t have said it better. Never go full retard. Not once. So many emotions here. first i laughed because i thought it was a joke. Then I got angry because i realized it was not a joke. then I cried tears of joy when it was over. then i had diarrhea. Anyone who has a garbage disposal unit in their kitchen can easily recreate this experience by throwing some rocks in and turning it on while simultaneously flicking the kitchen light on and off

  • Haters

    Guess what. Destroid will still sell out everywhere they go. So you can sit at home and piss and moan all you want, these 3 are doing something they (hopefully) find enjoyable and sold out venues will enjoy too. I know I’ll enjoy seeing them at Bisco, but i bet you are the same type of people that will PMS in your pants about how the Biscuits only get 10 sets over the weekend and how much the vibes suck.

  • danny

    LE is right. It’s tasteless american shit.

  • Musician

    damn this looks pretty fucking stupid..what happened to musicians playing music?

    I’m all about performance art, but this is just insulting.

  • Musician

    and unfortunately some of these comments are true, and these shows will probably sell out and a whole generation coming up will be taught to think that this is..’music’ and that this is ‘talented’ and they will never truly know what TALENT really is..a true shame.

  • Ritrggf

    I prefer people with every day clothing playing real instruments.

  • RCor

    I think there’s a line between really playing EDM live (which obviously will be onlye some elements; selected synths and parts yadda yadda yadda) and fake playing it. At least with Dirtyphonics one knows is more real, you can listen to mistakes live and shit. But this Destroid shit is crap!!

  • Edilberto Durano

    Hmm. For me, I think they are still in their best. Plus the heart is still there.
    Ed of

    • Don Bartlett

      That’s cause you have the big bucks. Are you leasing that car I saw you in? It was a very nice Aston Martin but big bucks! Aston Martins make great used cars for sale but they are for sure out of my class. Glad to see you can swing it

      • Paul Erna

        Aston Martin? I guess so

  • John McCrea

    Honestly I believe that UK and American tastes in what we seemed to call “Dubstep” and “Bass Music.” In america, I believe UK dubstep is less energy than American Dubstep. That’s my own personal taste. I gather others think in the UK that this destroid show, along with shows put on by Excision and other famous dubstep artists are just a “how loud can you go” show. We all have our own tastes, so for people from other countries to criticize on another country’s event, i believe, is terrible! If you don’t like it, don’t hate, and let the people who do like it, enjoy it for what it is.

  • JpaulDNB

    You know what? To each their own. Some people like pop music, some people like Phish. Then again, who doesn’t like Pink Floyd? It’s all a matter of where you position yourself as an artist. I dont even know what EDM is, cause Im a junglist.
    I can appreciate the technological wow factor, but not the musical innovativeness.

  • Kevin Hughes

    Don’t like it don’t listen. I could go on and on about how country music only has one kind of song. Or how everyone who plays a guitar/bass is using the same sounds as countless other musicians. Respect for all music even if you don’t support it. For example, I absolutely despie trap music, I think it is a much better example of something that “encapsulates how utterly and completely shit EDM music is.” However, people like it, so I will support the artists in their decisions to keep producing it. Bitching and hating doesn’t do anything except for get all the other trolls on your side and make you look like a douche who has too much time on his hands.

  • Ben Chesley

    In other news one dance artist calls the genre that encompasses his own work “complete and utter shit” by highlighting the work of artists directly influenced by his own work.