London’s Cable Nightclub Closes Its Doors


A candle has been lit for one of the top night clubs in the UK. Just a few hours ago, Cable London announced that they are locking their doors for good.

The two-room venue housed under the London Bridge has played host to legendary nights to labels and media outlets such as such as Metalheadz, Renegade Hardware, Vice, and countless others, and due to the close, the next scheduled events – Function, DJ Hell, and another Renegade Hardware night – are obviously forced to relocate.

From the club’s Facebook page:

“It is with a huge amount of sadness that we announce Cable has closed with immediate effect. We have been forced to close following two years of ongoing legal battles with Network Rail, who took possession of the venue this morning with an entry order, putting us out of business and leaving our 70 staff without jobs. This is due to them allegedly requiring the space back for the redevelopment of London Bridge station. It is an utterly devastating blow to what is a much loved, hugely successful, well respected music venue and media business.”

Sad state of affairs for a unique and such short-lived club.