Lorde Thinks David Guetta is “Gross”

Image via Lorde on Facebook
Image via Lorde on Facebook

Well alright, young Lorde. Winning the hearts of many music lovers is one thing this 16-year-old powerhouse has done this year. We even saw Diplo mention that he feels Lorde is taking off with honest, original music, but when we caught wind of FasterLouder’s feature on Lorde, this was the first time we’d heard that David Guetta was interested in Lorde. In the beginning of the piece, Lorde’s manager Scott Maclachlan pulls her aside, informing her that David Guetta expressed interest in working with Lorde on his next album. Lorde’s response? “No. Fuck no. He’s so gross.”

Guess you won’t be finding Lorde featured on “When Love Takes Over 2.”

  • Where Da Gold At?

    I love you Lorde. Turn 18 soon pls.

  • source

    Cite your sources please

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      there’s a link to the source in the news piece.

      • Sources

        In the mix has this exact same article with the same piece.. I’m guessing you heard it through them.

        • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

          Do they? I had no idea. I saw a number of sites post on this. My source was the FasterLouder feature, which someone gave me the link for.

          A lot of people wrote on this, though:


          Shouts to ITM, though. If we find a link from them, we source them, and any other sites we find links/stories/info from.

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