LuckyMe’s Podcast Just Made My Entire Week


Remember 2006?  When The Pack and The Knife were played in DJ sets back to back?  Imagine being able to capture Hudson Mohawke live on the decks from this era.  Or think if someone like Joe Muggs decided to record a dub mix containing only records from 1988-1994.  LuckyMe is sitting on over a hundred live mixes containing these and much much more.  I found it by mistake, though.

Unless I’m a complete moron, the mixtape section of LuckyMe’s website only holds nine of the latest mixes from this highly respected boutique label.  And there’s no “next” button to show you that there’s still 100 more mixes left.  But a teenie bit of poking around, and you will find that these podcasts date back to 2004.  If you want to stumble upon a five-year-old mix from Rustie on Mary Anne Hobbs‘ 1Xtra show or a Kode9 mix for LuckyMe from 2007, there’s a one-stop shop for these archives.

More than 100 mixes are just sitting there for free download.  Most are around an hour long.  And while the newer recordings are filled with incredibly dope music, I’m going to spend some time in the next few days digging through the first couple dozen mixes to reminisce about that pivotal time in music where mashup was our reality, and spinning tunes was a limitless and lawless world where every genre had a chance.  This is a random gem that I’m so happy I stumbled across.  A field day for any music nerd.  Have at it.  You can snag everything up via iTunes while rocking out to this HudMo x The Blessings mix from 2006.