Want A Free Madeon Track? Solve This Puzzle First

Image via Madeon on Facebook
Image via Madeon on Facebook

Earlier today, Madeon threw the following update on Facebook, letting the world know that he was going to be releasing a track that was “hidden” in this website:

In my mind I literally though “Free, previously-unreleased Madeon material? Sign us up. Wait, what the hell? I have to solve puzzles? I didn’t sign up for this!” I wanted to then share this with you, the DAD readers, in an effort to share some good ol’ fashioned puzzle solvery… but no sooner had we seen this link than some other websites spoiled the fun. FUCKED UP THE FUN! Yeah, you could probably click a site and find out how to crack the code (or even find links that will take you to the sign-up sheet to get the tune sent to you for free), but c’mon, Internets. Can we just get something that is puzzling for once in our lives? Please?

Whatever, if you want some bright, funky disco-tinged excellence from the producer, go in.

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  • Gerald

    They fucked up the fun just like you did when you revealed ZHU was making those awesome tracks

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      1) A DAD reader was the one who made those (at the time unconfirmed) revelations.
      2) This fun got fucked up the same day, not weeks after.

      And truth be told, the DAD reader who figured out the ZHU stuff did some real sleuthing, these others took the fun out of solving a puzzle.