Disgruntled Atlanta Manager Deletes Former Client’s SoundCloud

Image via Inval3d on Facebook / AJS Graphics
Image via Inval3d on Facebook / AJS Graphics

I’ve heard people calling Do Androids Dance the TMZ of the underground. We could point out the other 99% of our content; stories and songs that are pointing our culture in the right direction. But the drama spreads like wildfire, and Atlanta seems to be a hotbed for theatrics. Last weekend was highlighted with the accusation that one independent promoter called the police on another one and got him arrested. Last night’s was that a manager got pissy with a former client that recently parted ways, and deleted his SoundCloud account.

Screen Shot 2014 01 31 at 2 57 52 PM Disgruntled Atlanta Manager Deletes Former Clients SoundCloud

Inval3d is a dubstep producer from Boston that was working with a start-up management company called Finale, an outfit that’s only been in existence for six months. Run from Atlanta by a gentleman by the name of Jacob Wolf, Finale represents a small sampling of really dope up-and-coming bass music artists from across North America. And for some reason or another, Inval3d’s split from Finale resulted in Jacob Wolf deleting his former client’s SoundCloud account completely. Jacob’s explanation here is quite interesting:

Shot 02 Disgruntled Atlanta Manager Deletes Former Clients SoundCloud

Jacob doesn’t deny deleting this account, and says he did so after Inval3d went to one of his main industry contacts trying to tarnish his brand. Eye for an eye, I suppose. This one is silly to follow up though. Jacob Wolf is going to have a tough time gaining the trust of artists, and Inval3d already started a new SoundCloud account with one record that has “Fuck Jacob Wolf” as the genre.

And while you can walk away from this one saying our site is about the drama, we highly suggest you read it as a precautionary tale. Don’t give anyone access to your social media at all. If you’re realizing you may be in a vulnerable position, change passwords and ensure your content is safe.

  • subtronics

    holy shit this got blogged about.

  • MJ


  • Inval3d

    I approve this message

  • Skrillex

    his “brand”.

    FSS man he is a fucking 15 years old guy.

  • Seriously

    Jacob wolf is still a piece of shit regardless

  • D$J

    File under: Artist name as self fulfilling prophecy.

    • fluff

      good thing he decided against going by “Castrat3d”

  • Jesse O’Reilly

    I was talking to that guy right before it happened too. I thought he was remotely cool, but this.. Nope.



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  • James Smith

    ‘Dont give anyone access to your social media at all’

    This should be: ‘don’t give anyone access to your social media who is under the age of 16 with a bad reputation’.

    • Bronzy Wizzle

      Amen!!!!! I just tried to make that same point in my comments above

  • An Adult


  • Amanda Bostic

    so much drama in the dubstep community recently..

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  • DJSaviD

    Jacob Wolf is 15 and he talks so much shit his teeth are brown. There’s no way this is “an eye for an eye.”

  • Justin Elliott

    The kid is like 16 years old lol who the fuck would let a 16 year old manage them? This whole situation just seems childish and I don’t see why it was even blogged about. Yeah it sucks but he gave his soundcloud info to a 16 year old “manager” lmfao the fuck does Jacob Wolf even know about artist management?

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      Wouldn’t you think it’d NEED to be blogged about, so someone else doesn’t make the same (bad) decision? Why keep people in the dark about the wack side of the industry?

      • Justin Elliott

        I think the actual music industry should be blogged about. Not a kid making a childish decision and an artist entrusting a kid with his account. The point I’m trying to make is that Jacob is literally a kid. Why is he considered a manager for artists and what makes him part of the “music industry”? Artist management should be left to adults who specialize in networking, can buy proper licensing, and deal with people without making childish decisions.

        • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

          So cautionary tales about what happens when producers entrust important aspects of their artist life (like SoundCloud pages, which are pulled by many different entities to measure worth) to people who should not be handling them aren’t things we should cover? Why this guy is considered a manager is not our concern – Inval3d put his faith into this person, as many artists do to shady label heads, promoters, and the like. This is, sadly, a part of the growing EDM industry, and is just as important as who signed to who. Unless you feel that everyone should be left in the dark about the shadier party of the industry.

          Jacob “literally” being a kid is neither here nor there – there are 16-year-old producers doing the damn thing out there. It’s his character, and the character of shady people that are older than him, that is the issue here.

          • Justin Elliott

            I understand what you are getting at and I’m not saying blogging about this is wrong. I’ve been stolen from and wronged by a label before so I know firsthand how much trouble it can be. Yeah there are 16 year old producers and that may be considered a character but for someone to be an artist manager, that is more than just a role being played. There is immense responsibility and for an artist to know the “manager” is 16 and a novice at that I think that he should have known what he was getting into by dealing with a child. It was bad decisions on both parts and it’s being treated like the holocaust. I don’t want you think I disagree with you though because I do agree with making sure people take precaution when entering shady situations but dealing with a child is almost asking for it. But I in no way think that he deserved to have his account deleted

  • Bronzy Wizzle

    Interesting article. However, I have an alternative method of keeping yourself safe from this kind of inexcusable and unprofessional bullshit.

    A) research the fuck out of ur manager before u do/sign ANYTHING. Don’t jump on the first “manager” that gives u that chance. Find out their motives behind wanting to work with/for you. Will they be ur teammate, with you and looking out for YOUR best interest every step of the way? Or does it seem like all they talk about is the money they swear up & down that you will be making (according to them of course). Test them a bit — if they wanna be ur manager and have awesome intentions(& the ability 2 follow through!)…

    • Bronzy Wizzle

      … this will be apparent from the get-go.

      B) instead of encouraging paranoia/distrust by advising artists to ” not give anyone access to your social media at all”, maybe encourage they pick a PRO that would NEVER FUCKING DO THIS KIND OF 2-YEAR OLD TEMPER TANTRUM BULLSHIT. 1 that they TRUST instead of THINK ARE SHADY, and also — that they don’t sign SHIT unless the terms in contract SPECIFICALLY ADDRESS THE ISSUE OF SABOTAGING THE ARTIST – and includes consequences for mgmt if they choose to resort 2 this kind of douchebaggery.

      • Bronzy Wizzle

        Obv this Wolfe clown doesn’t know wtf he’s done. He’ll soon find out that his credibility/hire-ability is non-existent/too much of a risk for any career-oriented artist who invests adequate time into PROPERLY RESEARCHING Wolfe’s so-called “MGMT CAREER”. This isn’t the norm to expect of artist mgmt (I know because I am an artist rep/manager) and while I <3 the rest of ur article, I resent ur advice at the end. Don't start a fear campaign – start an awareness/be informed campaign. :)

        • Bronzy Wizzle

          The final point I’d like to make is that part of ur mgmt’s job is to be knowledgeable/be great at MARKETING THE ARTIST (ESP via social media, it’s VERY IMPORTANTE!). A lot of brilliant artists totally suck at marketing themselves and suffer because of it – entrusting a legit manager with marketing as one of their many tasks gives an artist the necessary freedom 2 CONCENTRATE ON WHAT MATTERS AS AN ARTIST: THEIR ART (!) and let someone qualified do everything else.

  • Bob Sagget

    Uh… if you are going to be a bitch of a client… and not change your personal information while trying to ruin your managers business by talking him down to people he works with.. then yes expect your shit to get deleted.. go cry about it.. this is a stupid article, perhaps the manager was unprofessional but many gangsters got rich by being more then unprofessional.. go home people, you are all drunk if you think this was wrong.

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  • wired420

    Press charges. What he did was illegal, it was across state lines, and is a federal hacking felony.

  • Julian Jones

    That guy cant be trusted by any artist EVER