Maybe Everyone is DJ Yolo Bear?

Image via LuckyMe
Image via LuckyMe

I’d like to preface this by saying there’s nothing I can point out as proof to who DJ Yolo Bear is, as this is a definitely a tangled web that’s being woven. Last week we caught you androids up to speed regarding the mysterious DJ Yolo Bear, a producer that’s caught a lot of love (and some hate) for the Jersey club tracks he’s been producing. Perusing through these Internets have us at least pointing to one positive outcome: DJ Yolo Bear is a troll of epic proportions.

THUMP dropped a nugget into the Yolo Bear story today, letting the world know that on October 25, Brenmar booked the Brick Bandits crew to a show in Brooklyn, which had DJ Yolo Bear on the bill. When time came for Yolo Bear to hit the stage… it was Cashmere Cat with a scarf wrapped around his head. Case closed, Yolo Bear is Cashmere Cat… right?

Wrong. From what the homies at Stoney Roads are saying, word is that there were two more DJ Yolo Bear sightings, with two different DJs at the helm: Obey City in London and Eclair Fifi in Edinburgh [Ed. Note: Eclair Fifi says that it's the other way around; Obey was in Edinburgh while she was in London.]. Say what?! The troll gets deeper, and one has to question: are any of these three even Yolo Bear? Is Yolo Bear just sending these DJs out to keep the troll going? If so, that’s pretty damn brilliant… although it’s hard to ignore the growing concern over Jersey club and non-Jersey producer going in on it.

Whatever the case is, this is the kind of shit that keeps me up at night. There are probably a number of dots that haven’t been connected, and we figure there’s more story (troll?) to go down before the truth is ever revealed. Hell, maybe a writer at DAD is Yolo Bear.

  • R.V.A.L.D.E.Z

    Yolo Bear probably is an idea made up by a few DJs, i think its a cool concept (if he/she isnt real) and fuck all that hate from Jersey club producers i dont get it :/

  • JakeTheCvke

    I was there for the show in London, it was Eclair Fifi behind the decks, she killed it.

    • khal

      Yeah she’s a great DJ.

  • Carson Maier

    I have a feeling it’s Cashy cat, Eclair Fifi and Obey City and they’re all just fucking with us because they can. And Cashmere Cat’s Trippy Turtle, too. He has a thing for alter-egos I think it’s cute and I love him

    • PIRO

      Cashmere Cat is not Trippy Turtle

      • Carson Maier

        Yeah I figured this out shortly after posting that. Lido?

  • branden

    Yolo Bear is Schlomo