“Minecraft” Creator Notch Bought a Test Pressing of Aphex Twin’s “Caustic Window” for $46,300


One of the more interesting feats in the world of electronic music vinyl purchasing is the fact that $46,300 was paid for a double-vinyl test pressing of Aphex Twin‘s Caustic Window album. As the story goes, this project was completed and pressed in 1994, but was ultimately shelved, leaving a limited number of test presses in circulation (we’re hearing there were five, but there might have been more copies pressed). Whatever the case may be, the price climbed quickly for this one, and a Kickstarter campaign netted over $64,000 for a digital copy of the release–that’s 4,116 backers paying $16 a piece for a lossless digital version of this “holy grail,” which Rephlex never planned on releasing, and a porting of the funds raised going to a to-be-determined charity. Somewhere the decision to throw this up on eBay came up, and we’re back at square one, with a mysterious owner of the vinyl for Caustic Window

…until now. FACT reports that it has been confirmed that Notch, the creator behind the meta-successful Minecraft computer game (which has a fan in deadmau5 and legions of followers who make their own YouTube videos set to piercing dubstep tracks), is a huge fan, and was the one who shelled out the $46,300 for this piece of true electronic music history. When you’re rolling in the dough like Notch is you can afford to do something like this:


For a person like me, who is he father of a Minecraft addict, it’s ill to know that the guy who makes the game he’s ga-ga over is a bigger fan of Aphex Twin than I am. You can listen to Caustic Window down below.

  • afroJACKED92

    yo why the fuck everybody keep writing about this. i seen it on another page to. this fuckin song blows n whoever spent 40g’s on it is a retard. that shit is gay as fuck dont even have a beat to it. u cant pay me 40gs to listen to some boring shit like that made by some nobody i never even heard of.

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      Why do we write about it? Because some of us grew up on Aphex Twin music, and the story of the album is interesting, especially now that it resurfaced 20 years later and sold for $46K. That’s an interesting story.

      • afroJACKED92

        bro all im saying is that theres a ton of good music coming out that goes hard as fuck n this site choose to write about some bullshit like this. i never even heard of this dude n his music is mad boring. wheres the drums? wheres the drop? bro i can make better music then this n i think i will if dumasses are gonna spend 40gs on some bullshit like this.

        • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

          I’m going to assume your comments about “wheres the drums” and “wheres the drop” are you trolling. It’s kind of wild that you’d even focus on a post about an artist you admittedly don’t know. We cover more than enough “good music” that’s coming out for you to have to focus—then refocus—on an artist you “never even heard of.”

  • http://gogisadj.tumblr.com/ Luca Speterson