Moby Relaunches

Moby is a guy who knows a thing or three about licensing his music; part of the success of his album Play was the fact that each and every song had been licensed for some kind of movie, TV show, or commercial, some that he did because it was, at the time, the best way he could get the music heard. It worked like gangbusters, as the album stayed in the charts for two years in part to that drive. In 2007, Moby started up, a site where indie and non-profit filmmakers, film students, and anyone in need of music for their project could use his material, for free.

Today, Moby announced through the above video that he’s relaunched, and now has 150 songs available for your non-profit projects, including material from his last two albums. Approval turnaround is 24 hours (!), with the caveat that if you ARE looking to license material for a commercial project, you will donate any monies that would go to Moby to the Humane Society. Awesome idea for an awesome cause.