Mr. Carmack Stripped His Soundcloud and Uploaded Four New Tunes This Weekend

Image via Mr. Carmack
Image via Mr. Carmack

We’re done trying to make any logical sense of what Mr. Carmack is doing.  In an industry where everyone is chasing plays, hiring marketing teams and PR firms to target audiences and schedule releases, and handing wares off to websites in the hopes that writers will like the content enough to post it, Carmack gives zero fucks about any of this, and somehow stays winning.

What’s even crazier is he pulled a Deadmau5 and deleted damn near everything on his SoundCloud, then uploaded four new tracks over the weekend. And though it might sound ridiculous, his collaboration with Kaytranada is arguably the weakest of these records. “Drugs” and his remix of “dark hadou” are absolutely disgusting. And there’s no telling how long these songs will be up.

We made a list of tunes that Mr. Carmack produced because his own SoundcCloud page is the least reliable resource for his records. But the new game is going to be that one person that rips the wares that he uploads in an effort to archive this ridiculous flow of genius records.

  • zone3

    killing it i love this producer kudos to him i want see him live

    • H8er

      Well i certainly dont wanna see him dead on stage!


    He Is A Wizard sir. you are mistaken.

  • onlydopeshit

    insomnity >

  • Sami Eräjää

    Yo what the heck you talking about “the weakest track?”- Anything more descriptive? And focus on the positive: Sunday into Monday Funk is a real chill track and also something completely different from Carmack. Also did it occur to you that he could’ve just ran out of space (if it’s a free account) and wants a fresh star? Not to mention he has a 2nd account for his bandcamp stuff, where most of his now “stripped” stuff remains for sale.

  • Txtspk

    That Carmack and Kaytra track was the most vibin’ track I’ve heard all week… We don’t need to know what your opinion of the “weakest track” is.

    • Joshua Merriman

      Exactly. I thought journalism was meant to be unbiased?

      • owen edwards

        music journalism is never unbiased, its almost impossible to write about music without using opinions. I don’t think his comment on it being the weakest track was a negative comment, i think he just thought the other tracks were so good that it was the least strong

        • arj

          I sense a lot of negativity in this article. He points out the 2 best tracks and says they are shit! He could’ve compared it to this previous products. Also, “the list” that is supposedly made by him is carmacks 2nd SC account that is named under his bandpage account.

          • khal

            The list was referring to the playlist that we made collecting those tracks.

          • H8er

            When Spotttify, Beaatport, Utube, or some other crap blog dictates whats hot and whats not, or why not some shitty commercial radiostation that is owned and payed by Guetta, Dre, Hilton, leno, or some other lameass rich nogooddoer.

            Thats when good music is loosing the war.

            there are so many talented and good producers, artists and musicians out there that never get a chance on a spot on a ibiza residency, topweek plays on radio, recordcontract or whatever.

            So one thing is Certain, Fake is the shit, if you wanna be successful, fake it!

  • ʏᴀᴍᴀɢᴀᴍɪ

    This post is the most oblivious peace of shit i’ve ever read…

  • knzo

    that kaytra collabo was only weak cuz it was a 2-3 minute loop. still a banger though.

  • marinatingminds

    thats why he da big boss

  • arj

    Ye yo who ever wrote this article is probably deaf or hatin or on crack.. cramacks collab with kaytra and dark hadou rmx are sick tracks.. maybe this genre is not your cup of tea so go and critique wat u actaully listen to.

  • Myagi

    sounded like a bunch of compliments to me…lol

  • H8er

    Well if you look at the SC comments, its bought comments, plays and votes, right there, Soundcloud is not about music anymore, its about who can fool who and get a shitty tune going viral using bots or buy your self a place in the hall of fames, regarding fakes and bullshitartists.

  • ALionsAperture

    Yo, what was the track that he posted that was pulled down maybe 5 days later with this bunch?

  • Liam

    Does anyone remember/have the track that had the Quasimoto-style hook that went “I shouldn’t have so many screws loose. A lotta liquor and a lil’ juice. I swear that she was saved on a Sunday. I’m sure that she gon’ get back to me one day”?

    • jackquack

      Yeah, what’s the song?