MTV Forces Daft Punk to Cancel Colbchella So They Can Be Ignored By Taylor Swift


I wish I was joking, but I am not.  Though it seemed it might have been staged at the time, it seems as if MTV has given the entire electronic dance music community a big middle finger with Sunday night’s VMAs.

Earlier this month DAD reported that Daft Punk was supposed to appear on the Stephen Colbert show on a special episode now infamously known as Colbchella. As the event drew closer, MTV leveraged contractual obligations and forced a cancellation.  The cancellation it seemed must have been part of a larger publicity stunt to drum up more interest in the VMAs and reel in dance music fans holding out hope for a Daft Punk performance.  MTV issued a statement saying that “Daft Punk Chose To Skip Colbert” but again, within the context, it seemed like a ruse.

Sunday night’s VMAs saw the Daft Punk-Colbchella debacle come to a close as Daft Punk fulfilled contractual obligations to appear on the award show. While Daft Punk certainly did appear, they did so only in tow with Pharell Williams and Nile Rodgers to present an award to Taylor Swift.  As Swift stepped up on to the stage and received the award, she told Pharell she was a fan of his, but then completely ignored the robots and Mr. Rodgers.

While we may feel Swift’s rudeness may be the hook of the story here, it begs the question, does MTV care at all about electronic dance music and the culture? You tell us!

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2013 VMA, Artists.MTV, Music

  • Alex Murad

    Boycott MTV.

    The VMA’s are a platform for fleeting pop talents to exhibit their deeply rooted thirst for attention. The fact that Miley Cyrus gets to dance around on stage like a headless baboon while musical LEGENDS such as Nile and Daft Punk watch in the background is a testament to how out of touch MTV is with true Music fans and the music world in general. They should honestly change the VMA’s from a Music video award show to a Reality TV award show. Shame on MTV and the hypocritical bureaucracy that it has become for guiding America down the path of cultural obliteration.


    mtv caters to the masses. they’ve already been poisoned with nothing but bullshit trap music. they are trying to control the viewers by playing what sells and what viewers desire most (money, cars, clothes, drugs, females) brainwashed i tell ya. fukk mtv and everything they stand for

  • dann410

    …. really…. how can she just igno…. just….