Nico Montana Admits to Robbing and Assaulting DJ Nate


We now seem to have a name to match the face of the guy that assaulted DJ Nate in Chicago last week. Nico Montana looks like the individual from the video that we posted last week, and we have a new video where he snitches on himself for the crime.

He says “1017,” alluding to some sort of affiliation with Gucci Mane‘s 1017 Bricksquad Records. We can’t find anything connecting him with the label, though. Nico Montana has to be the dumbest motherfucker I’ve ever seen in the industry though. Not only does he threaten further violence, he gives himself up as the individual that sucker punched and robbed DJ Nate. You can hear these quotes quite clearly:

When you see me at your video you’re gonna see what I’m talking about

I’m throwing shots at motherfuckers

Talking ’bout a belt. Fuck that belt. Sold that motherfucker.”

I beat his ass. He know why

My man is beyond reckless. A quick search for Nico Montana shows, well, nothing. The only results I can find are crudely-produced videos of him rapping over industry beats on his computer, and this video recorded after last week’s robbery. After a random rant, we see a horrible impromptu video where the rapper is holding a shotgun, brandishing a handgun, and throwing gang signs. This is an absolute embarrassment, but doesn’t surprise me in the least.  When Chief Keef can go from getting arrested for pointing a gun at a cop to a role model in Chicago with a seven-figure record deal, and Worldstar videos of fights and ignorant behavior is what is being marketed in black culture, it’s no wonder that someone would think that knocking someone out on camera would give them a foot in the door in this industry. I just hope some kind of justice is served here.

  • Jenni420

    … It took you a whole week to google “who robbed DJ Nate”? Multiple people who recognize Nico made comments with his name in various places the day after it happened…

    • khal

      …It took you a whole day to come up with a comment, and that’s the best you could do…

  • Jenni420

    Also, I can’t believe he hasn’t been arrested yet. For more than just the robbery and assault.

    • bobby womack

      they dont care about robberys in chicago they average like 20 murders a day

    • ModerndDayPhilosopher

      Do you think Nate would even press charges? That would totally kill any street cred he had left.

  • Shyamalan

    Hebsays his own name in the video as he’s riding away, right after he robs Nate.

  • Shyamalan

    He says*

  • bobby womack

    he sounds like he should be ridin the short bus i cant believe nigga stuntin with a musket

  • T J Sotomayor

    Nico Montana is from a broken home and his parents never love him.

  • fucknappy

    he says 1017 because he checks his phone for the time stupid fuck.

  • Fuck “fucknappy”.

    Really “fucknappy”… you fucking idiot…. So that must be why his twitter is @1017_montana.

  • James amarante

    Fuck boy

  • YouAreAFuckinRetard

    1017 brick squad gds you dumb fuck don’t come to the hood soft or you will get robbed if you a pie ass nigga like nate

  • mrjackal

    from what i seen of this nigga 2 fights all he does is sucker punch niggas..sounds like a lil bitch to me–one vs one is his kryptonite

  • MoDollas ® #K.O.T.J

    id beat dat nigga ass

  • Punk niggaz

    I would give anything to fight this piece of trash animal one on one.

  • Erik Colquitt

    Can you say BITCH.
    Try stepping to a mother fucker face to face like real niggers do.
    Lightweight motherfucker…wannabe gangster.
    If that was an MMA guy this pussy would have never stepped,
    But he attacks a kid.

  • Sawyer

    Dude a lame and a fag.

  • karce

    Problem is most ghetto black people are too much of a bitch to fight one on one. Bitch niggas always have to carry guns or have some other bitch nigga jump in to save their ass by sucker punching.

  • GSreaperwolf72

    I said before and I’ll say it again, this kid’s gonna be taking a dirtnap soon. I say this cause he talks mad reckless on his videos.
    You sucker punched the kid so yeah you got the upper hand but get no respect.
    Flexing on his videos and talking about shooting and robbing people. A real man would have maybe got snuck but if he did not manage to knock the man out then he would have knocked his beanpole ass or slammed him on his damn neck. Young ass dudes these days have no honor.
    I would have more respect if he had given the kid the head up but we know he’s too much of a coward to have gone down that route.
    Do that to a man who would fight back and not a softy.

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  • jaywillat

    Dude a bitch…I’ll beat him and anyone of his Lil punk ass homies…sucker punchin bitch

  • young flame

    Dude on the left is holding the belt accross his eyes “but he aint worried about it tho”

  • roundhouse

    Other races do dumb shit too. Serial killing and screwing animals. Every race has izs idiots. U sound like the typical sheep screwing ,nigger hating ,mommy fucking hillside redneck.

    • king

      You the type to applaud this behavior. .And i wasn’t speaking on other races just animalistic behavior in black people amongst ourselves this is the type of nigger that constantly pulling the race down and i guess you are to since you became upset over my dislike for this behavior.

      • ReeseThaMan

        Im with you king in regards to this idiot “nico montana” bringing down us black people, but not all black people are not as heartless and screwed up in the head as this piece of shit. i hope he gets murdered in his sleep and gets raped by satan for this bullshit.