Nile Rodgers Says He Has Another Daft Punk Collaboration on the Way

The allure sound of Daft Punk‘s “Get Lucky” (and arguably part of the vibe of the Random Access Memories) has to be credited to Nile Rodgers. Hell, all of this talk about Daft Punk music in 2013 originated on Nile’s blog. It’d make sense that the androids would jump at the chance to add their special touch to some previously unreleased masters that Nile Rodgers found from years gone by, a lot of it his old solo stuff along with tracks from the Chic days. The best part? Nile confirms that whatever comes of these collaboration(s) could come out later this year!


  • The Colonel

    Wherever Jamiroquai dude is, he needs to put down the bottle and the smokes, call Barry Gibb and KC from the Sunshine Band and get to fucking WORK.