OneBeat Announces OneBeat Labs


Just last week, we spoke with Mikhail LaPushner, OneBeat‘s founder and CEO, and he gave us some insight in how OneBeat plans to become the voice of EDM. With today’s announcement, it seems as OneBeat is getting a step closer in fully realizing that goal.

With the dollars that are already being poured into EDM (and the potential dollars still yet to come), many established brands will want to know what EDM is, and how they can get in. Enter OneBeat Labs, a “crash course in the global trend” of EDM, allowing these brands to not only understand what EDM’s all about,, but figure out ways that they can fit in; courses like these will be key for marketing executives:

“OneBeat is at the head of a revolution in the EDM space, changing the way this multi-billion dollar movement is presented and connected to fans. Trends this powerful are incredible when harnessed effectively. With OneBeat Labs, we’re creating an informative and fun experience that will demystify the space and help participants understand how to leverage EDM to help drive the relevance and preference for the brands they represent.  That could mean developing partnerships with DJs or festivals, creating licensing deals with EDM publishers or finding imaginative ways to leverage EDM music and culture to achieve greater impact with marketing campaigns.” – Mikhail LaPushner

The first of these Labs will take place on April 29 at the Microsoft-hosted NewFronts event in New York, and is invite-only. Following Labs will be open to brands and executives looking to gain knowledge on the growing EDM scene from an insiders perspective.