Preview: Manifest Festival 2013 (June 21-23, 2013)


For those who are sick of the festival scene as it were and are looking for a little bit more out of their experience – we’re here to let you know there’s hope. We already gave you a heads up into the pura vida that is Envision Festival, but if you’re looking for something a little closer to home then grab your yoga pants and your best “I understand what this painting means” face and hike your spandex covered ass up to Pioneer, CA for a slice of summer solstice fun at Manifest.

We know that summer festival list of yours is filling up fast, and your girl made you pay for a suite at the Cosmopolitan for EDC Vegas and your frequent flyer miles are all dried up – but Manifest is pitchin’ like 50 different kinds of fire your way so take a second to consider this. First of all, with a line-up featuring Boombox, The Polish Ambassador (oh shit yeah fuck yeah shit yeah hell yeah), ill.Gates, Love & Light, Phuture Primitive, ill-Esha, Russ Liquid – *BREEEEEEEEATHE* – and SO many more, there’s no telling the trouble you’ll get yourself into in between yoga sessions.

And what could make those heavy hitters more of an exciting prospect than the fact that, while their early bird tickets are sold duh fuck out, their “early enough” tickets are still available at an extremely affordable $108 for this three day festival. I know, I know – right now you’re all like whaaaat and I’m all like yeah I told you son get a ticket.

manifest 2013 lineup poster big 041610 Preview: Manifest Festival 2013 (June 21 23, 2013)