Robert Sillerman and John Sykes Open Up About SFX Entertainment/Clear Channel Partnership

Image via SFX Entertainment on Facebook
Image via SFX Entertainment on Facebook

Yesterday we got hit with a piece of important EDM news: SFX Entertainment partnered up with Clear Channel to put their Beatport brand on the radio with a number of new ventures. In speaking with Billboard, SFX‘s Robert Sillerman and Clear Channel president of entertainment enterprises John Sykes didn’t divulge a lot of information, but they implied that some big things were in the works for this partnership.

Sykes initially spoke on Beatport being the “gold standard” for what’s going on in EDM, citing the site’s 40 million unique users per year. From what we gather, the changes that SFX plans on making with Beatport involve transforming the site to potentially be an EDM hub for those in the “EMC,” getting news, buying tickets and music, and getting other kinds of opportunities to interact withing the scene. Sykes also mentioned that the EDM-centric Evolution brand has become iHeartRadio’s most popular platform since it’s inception.

One of the hopes for the Beatport countdown show that’s planned is to help push digital sales. As EDM Internets, you already know that a) most high-paid DJs don’t rely on record sales to pay their bills and b) they usually just give music and mixes away, then eat off of the accolades and plays to book shows. For EDM to survive in the major label music industry, they will need to see some monies generated from sales, so this countdown show seems to be the key factor. While they didn’t reveal any host, Sillerman says we’re “going to giggle” when the announcement on who will head this show is given. They also mentioned that while everything is still in the works, we can expect at least two events to occur during Halloween 2014 as a part of this venture.

What does all of this mean? Well, if you’re already sick of hearing about EDM getting radio play or mainstream light, you might as well stop paying attention to the mainstream. EDM’s popping right now, which means young ears… which will also mean more advertising dollars. Add this to Insomniac’s plans for a televised EDM awards show sometime this year, and it looks like we’re finally getting that proper acceptance for dance music in the real mainstream. How long will this last? Who knows. Every other day EDM’s bubble is bursting. Let’s just hold tight and see how this plays out.