SFX Entertainment Announces Details of IPO


The era of EDM might soon come to a close as the era of EMC is upon us. According to the Wall Street Journal, SFX has announced that their forthcoming IPO will have 1.67 million shares for sale. The shares, which are expected to be sold for between $11-13 a share, are part of SFX’s larger plan to monopolize and dominate the ever-expanding global dance music scene. The move has been long in the making, as SFX has gone on a spree acquiring already existing entities, like Made Event and their Electric Zoo festival, and they are now one step closer. SFX applied to the Nasdaq Global Market under the symbol SFXE.


  • Jake Richter

    Saw this article through youredm.com correct?

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      We credited WSJ, the source we saw this on. I wonder if you’re going to ask every site that talks about this if they saw it on youredm.

  • Picz

    he looks a bit like TJR! lol

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      now that’s funny lol