Everything You Need to Know About the 2013 Symbiosis Gathering


It’s here, baby birds. The venerable swag bag of Internet festival goodies that only comes but once-a-fall-solstice, and this one’s packing heat, to say the least. If Symbiosis is on your radar, then you read our pre-post and have been waiting for those set times to drop, in order to a) start shaking your ass up to San Fran or b) start kicking your own ass for missing it.

If video’s your thing, you can get a taste of the action below with a quick break from the quintessential sweeping crowd shots and wompy overtures that get you through your work day and onto the next Insomniac event – and instead check out the replacement of, well, a couple of dudes getting super weird in a tent. Luckily, getting weird is what we do at DAD, so we likey this festy flick.

Tunes? Got em, baby birds. In fact, we’ve got more than enough in the 13th edition of SG mix love, brought to you by a plethora of artists that will be burning holes in your converse for five days straight.

I’m sure if you’re going, then you’ve been pulling your hair out over the overlapping talent for days already, but if you’re a step behind the game (read: if you work a 9-to-5 with Internet restrictions) then peep the schedule here. And don’t forget to let em know who sent you: Do Androids Dance.