The Association for Electronic Music is Formed


Similar to how country music and other genres have formed trade bodies, figures within the dance music community have done the same thing. It was announced today that the not-for-profit Association for Electronic Music (AFEM) was formed, with the shared goal of advancing dance music. The members of this group Beatport CEO Matthew Adell, AM Only’s Paul Morris, Tom Windish of the Windish Agency, Patrick Moxey from Ultra Records, and many other movers and shakers within the EDM industry.

Entertainment lawyer Kurosh Nasseri (who is also one of the AFEM’s coordinators) had this to say about the AFEM and how it will help the EDM scene:

It is time for the many companies and individuals involved in our business to speak with a unified voice to represent the genre and to address the issues. And that is the mission of the Association for Electronic Music. Over twenty years ago I was told that I was crazy for focusing my career as a lawyer on electronic dance music, that it was a flash in the pan and will be done and gone in two years. The naysayers have thankfully long been proven wrong. However, despite the success and longevity of electronic dance music, many brands, governments, the media and industry bodies still do not give it the recognition it deserves.

Nile Rodgers, who has been talking about his work with Daft Punk, has been added as an ambassador for the AEFM.

One of the constant conversations on DAD is about EDM’s impact and rise through the mainstream music scene. Organizations like the AEFM are just as important as having great tracks, talented DJs, and a buying public. Domination starts from within, and the AEFM will help provide a unified front when it comes to issues and representation of the EDM scene where it counts – on the inside.

(Music Week)