Todd Terry Made a Trap Album


Todd Terry is a certified legend in the house scene, especially for America. Back when hip-house was the thing, he was out remixing the Jungle Brothers’ seminal “I’ll House You,” but has also turned in amazing reworks, like his version of Everything But The Girl’s “Missing.” And while he’s built such a solid house resume, he’s not one to stay in a particular lane. Do you remember his drum & bass album, Resolutions? “Blackout” was an unexpected beast for the dnb scene back in 1999. Well, it looks like experimental Terry is back, as he’s recently dropped a trap album.

Yes, you’ve heard that right.

Todd Terry vs. That Trap Shitt finds the house legend exploring the trap scene, although we don’t think you’ll be as floored by his take on where house and trap meet like you have been over bangers like “Divinity” by Heroes x Villains. Bailey Smalls and Jitta on the Track are featured artists on this, and… damn, I’m kind of speechless. Trap in the dance music context is all about hitting hard… this is pretty limp. I don’t know if the world needed this, but it is interesting that Tommy Boy released this. Listen to a “mashup” of the album tracks down bottom.


  • The Colonel

    What’s the shock? He’s trying to cash in, same as everyone. Probably start a group with Skrillex next week.

    Resolutions was as much of a miss, IMO.

    • khal

      Resolutions was better than this. And got more play from dnb Djs that this album will from trap artists.

  • Bill c

    I’d invite people to check out Resolutions – Todd’s foray into Drum and Bass, which was the dance music sound of the moment like trap in 2012. The lead single “Blackout” was wicked, but the rest of the LP was off the mark. Interesting how the current review parallels what was written about Resolutions. My 2 cents: Todd Terry’s music is about Todd Terry and how neat it is to be Todd Terry.