Here’s What the TomorrowWorld Main Stage Will Look Like


Well, there you have it. White Raver Rafting is reporting that this is the main stage, which is one of eight stages, of America’s TomorrowWorld festival, which kicks off on September 27 in Atlanta (well, outside of Atlanta). EDM Sauce is kind of “meh” over this, primarily because it looks like it’s been reused, but what do you expect? Some totally different design? ID&T is bringing one of the biggest festivals in the world to America… it’s not like many of the people hitting TomorrowWorld have BEEN to a TomorrowLand before. Live a little.

And speaking of TomorrowWorld, it looks like the American festival will get some superheroes as well. While this year’s TomorrowLand featured Superman, Batman, and Iron Man, TomorrowWorld posted on Facebook that Superman, Batman, and Spider-man will be hitting the Super You&Me stage. We’ll see how these heroes will do behind the decks dropping some back-to-back-to-back business. You’re in for a “super” treat!

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  • Dancing Astronauty

    They announced that they were sending the entire Book of Wisdom stage that was used in Belgium to the US. 80+ shipping containers. Do a little more research next time.

    • khal

      Next time we’ll be sure to report how many shipping containers they used to bring a stage over.

    • plops

      thank you so much for this insightful info. when i finished reading this article, i thought to myself “f*ck this khal guy, he didnt tell me how many shipping containers they used to ship the stage over!”

  • Caquita del Whatsapp

    Is like the Tomorrowland mine stage on 2012