Top Billin and Berlin Boombox Link Up For Limited Edition Top Billin Boombox

Image via Top Billin
Image via Top Billin

These dudes at Top Billin just keep coming with the goods.  This time on a super unique merchandising tip, they’ve teamed up with Berlin Boombox to come up with a special edition “Top Billin Boombox” that is now up for a super discounted price that also includes a free copy of their best of the year label compilation.  This box though…this is just an extremely rad concept to me.  It’s shipped to you flat and it’s made out of recycled cardboard.  It’s completely DIY to set up and works with all smartphones and MP3 players.  This is a smart eco-friendly option for some instant bump in sound for your social gatherings. The throwback idea of the design is really where it’s at, though.  If you were around in the ’80s, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about.  This sale is only running until Christmas, so jump on it quickly.  This is definitely a gift that could win you some crucial holiday brownie points.

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