The City of Toronto has Become a Pawn in the Fight for EDM Economic Supremacy


Toronto is quite the cosmopolitan city and it has provided a wealth of talent and culture for the overall electronic dance music scene. That’s changing though as, according to THUMP, the city has now allowed itself to become a pawn in the fight for control of the city’s dance music economy.  The city banned electronic dance music concerts from a public locale popularly known as The Ex at the behest of Muzik nightclub owner Zlatko Starkovski.  Though the story is much more convoluted then one simple man’s request for government assistance in their fight, that’s what it basically seems to boil down to.  As one company starts to feel the pressures of competition, we’re going to see a bigger division between winners and losers.  The only losers here though seem to be the EDM-loving citizens and tourists of Toronto – definitely not Rob Ford and company.

The TL;DR is that Muzik wanted to start a moral panic around dance music to shut down concerts at Exhibition Place, so that it could start hosting its own 9000-person EDM concerts on the same premises. That means their competitors, Live Nation or INK, will have to find other places, but this isn’t the issue as approximately one million dollars of lost revenue per year will be moving from the public purse into private hands, and at the cost of further vilifying the name of dance music.” contributor and native Toronto DJ and tastemaker Brice clarifies the case simply: “it’s a case of political cronyism more than anything else. The owner of that nightclub is well connected and is basically trying to limit competition in his immediate surroundings.”