“User Agreement” Between the City of Miami and Ultra Says Nothing About Handling Fencing

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Now this just got interesting. Leave it to the Local 10 news team in Miami to get a proper investigation in order, peering into the User Agreement drawn up by Ultra and the City of Miami, which stipulates what Ultra is responsible for. In looking into the situation regarding security guard Erica Mack being trampled on the first night of Ultra, they found that Ultra was not in charge of handling the area where Mack was trampled. One could speculate that, when police say they told the organizers that the fencing around that area wasn’t enough (which it clearly wasn’t), the onus technically wasn’t on Ultra to sort that out. With city officials using this situation to potentially ban Ultra from happening in Miami in the future, that’s the kind of legal loophole that Ultra can use in its defense.

And that’s not to say that the blame is more on one party than another; that area should have been secured, and more has to/should be done to combat these idiots who are hoping fences or treating a human life so inconsiderately that someone would be trampled to get into a $400 a pop festival, but in a matter of legal terms, Ultra might not be at fault for this one.

There’s no word from Miami city officials regarding this story (yet), but we’re wondering what their next move will be. This weekend seems to have been the final nail in the coffin for Ultra detractors, and this might not stop them from trying to put the kibosh on future Ultra Music Festivals in Miami.