Why Did the New York Daily News Bother Mentioning EDM Festivals?


The good folks over at ThisSongSlaps hipped us to the New York Daily News‘ breakdown of “the best music festivals,” which mentioned both the EDC New York and Electric Zoo, yet if you read the descriptions, it’s hard to understand why they even included two of the biggest festivals on the list:

Electric Daisy
When: May 17-18
Where: Citi Field
What you get: A host of top EDM stars (that’s electronic dance music, for the uninitiated) including Afrojack, Calvin Harris, Dirty South, Zeds Dead, plus zillions of lesser spinners.
How much? $215 for a two-day pass. $119 for one day. But you also have to factor in the price of the drugs you’ll need in order to endure music this repetitive and often lyric-free.
Worth it? If your idea of fun is to flail around in the blinding daylight while unphotogenic DJs hover over turntables playing music meant only for the darkest clubs, the answer would be yes. Even so, you will need the aforementioned drugs.

Electric Zoo
When: Aug. 30-Sept. 1
Where: Randalls Island
What you get: Electro stars like Avicii, Tiesto, Bassnectar and A-Trak.
How much? $359 for all three days. Single days: To be announced.
Worth it? See Electric Daisy. But even more expensive to enter and even more drugs required to stay.

What was the point of that? First off, the obvious assumption to those outside of the EDM demographic is one of the biggest misconceptions about EDM, one that’s shared worldwide: You can’t be sober and enjoy dance music. There are a lot of fans of the music of all ages; if you think that each and every person in that crowd feels the need to be on “molly” (or any other combination of drugs), you’re kidding yourself. When you do that, and carry a name like the Daily News, you end up looking like someone who has done zero research, a reporter who’s just grasping at straws.

The flipside of that argument is even more interesting: Since you purposefully indicated that you’d need massive amounts of drugs to even enjoy either of these EDM events, is the assumption then that you don’t/won’t find people using/abusing drugs at Bonnaroo, America’s Most Wanted, Governor’s Ball, or any of the other festivals mentioned? Cut the bullshit, please. Anyone knows that drugs aren’t based on tempo or genre of music; you actually have more rap songs/rappers talking about molly than ANY EDM producers or DJs. Not that’d you’d care, NY Daily News, as you’re not really doing any fact-checking anyways.

We also noticed that the EDM blurbs were pretty short compared to the other bills. Almost like you could tell where the writer’s tastes leaned (read: rock). ThisSongSlaps thinks that “these main stream news outlets need to study up.” I’d rather that not be the case. By all means, if you are at a mainstream news outlet and want to cover EDM, go ahead and shed some light on it. But do it properly; if you’re going for the obvious jokes about one genre, do the same for the others. Realize that you’re not playing EDM fans one bit: you’re playing yourself. We’re not the ones looking like idiots; we’ve taken the time to understand the music and the way it’s being portrayed, both on our end and in the mainstream. You’re the ones stereotyping a particular festival that you’re being paid to write about because “drugs.”

Don’t study up, grow up. Or don’t even bother mentioning EDM. You’re doing no favors to the EDC or Electric Zoo, but you are making sure that DAD (and many other publications) see you as the ridiculous, old hat organizations that you portray yourselves to be.

  • Lewis

    Is this website run by 12 year olds? Its basic tabloid trolling, just a way to hook people into it. Serously, I dont know why i follow this webpage.

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      If that’s your honest perception of the site, more power to you. That’s far from what we’re doing, and if you check the site regularly, you’d know that.

      • Lewis

        I do, its all lists of things that you have ideas about. This article doesnt talk about the fact that drugs have been and still are at the centre of dance music. If you deny that then I dont know where you’ve been for the last 30 years, and thats what this article does.

        Yes the dance music if he main part obviosuly, but only a fool wouldn’t recognise that for more than most its about getting drunk or high and dancing. nothing else. Especially in a America.

        • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

          Nowhere in this article did it say that drugs isn’t a part of dance music. And I’ve seen documentaries on the rise of raves and rave culture in the UK, and there was just as much of an emphasis on doing drugs there in the 1990s as you’re saying it is now. Don’t forget that part of history.

          But again, that has nothing to do with the arguments made here.

  • Tony

    I’ve just caught onto this now.

    I’m not going to bash on the New York Daily News as a whole since one writer in particular (David Hinckley) have written articles regarding dance music, radio and the New York Dance Music Coalition. Jim Farber, the music editor/columnist, did a recent write up on the EDM phenomena. But clearly whoever this writer is, taking “pot shots” at our music, shows the typical ignorance of those that outright HATE dance music.

    Not for nothing but ALL MUSIC VENUES IN ALL GENRES from these huge festivals to small clubs, gearing towards the teens/twenty somethings and up, have some sort of drugs going on. It’s just how it is.

    But I’m glad this was noted because even though dance/EDM has made much progress over the past few years, you are ALWAYS going to get those that don’t like the scene to diss it (reminiscent of the “Disco Sucks” movement in the 1970′s)

    In general, you DON’T HAVE TO LIKE EDM but don’t come looking like a stupid ignoramus fool especially if you’re in this “realm of responsibility” reporting something like this in a major newspaper such as the Daily News.

    I’m not into country music and just recently a country music radio station launched in New York City. I’m glad for those fans because it’s been over 16 years that NYC proper didn’t have a country station. But even though I’m not into that music, I also know that there’s a lot of good songs out there and they don’t fall under those “stereotypes” (redneck, beer drinking, trailer park, rifle in the back of the pick up truck, etc.) nor am I gonna go bash on it (directly OR “tongue in cheek”)

    Someone in authority of the Daily News should get on this writer.

    New York Dance Music Coalition

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      Thank you, Tony Santiago.

  • Millie Crespo

    Tony great points.. But to answer your question you posted on Facebook..

    EDM Is what you just said..”ENTIRE DANCE MUSIC”.
    It’s a melting pot of all kinds of Genres…Bass, and Beats, mixed with Punk, Disco, Soulful Rhythm, Jazz and the Blues. Sprinkled with Country and Rock, Bluegrass and Rockabilly.

    It’s what it’s compose with. Hi Fi w/ Stereo. Unplugged and Electrified.

    The culture of EDM is what we follow but without bias. It’s not to be judge cause its what makes us flow.

    Big Brother will always watch.waiting.wondering. What the “funk” is this all about <3