Made Event Isn’t Processing Electric Zoo 2013 Refunds Fast Enough for Some Ticketholders


After the city of New York forced Made Event to cancel the 2013 Electric Zoo festival’s third day, many Internets out there immediately wanted to know when their tickets were going to be refunded. Made Event said they would be processing them “soon,” but we were shocked to hear that they had already processed 20,000 refunds so far last week. We don’t have figures for the amount of tickets sold in 2013, but they had over 110,000 attendees in 2012, so who knows what they did in 2013? Still and all, processing over 20K refunds in a week on pretty short notice? That’s insane… although not fast enough for some.

Long Island resident Irene Manolias is one of thousands who are said to be suing Made Event, retaining lawyer Kenneth Elan who says that he “was concerned his client wouldn’t be compensated.” Mind you, they have nothing to base this one aside from whatever concerns they have about getting their money back, and Made representative Stefan Friedman says that they hope to have all refunds processed by the end of the week.

Guess you can’t please everyone all of the time.