W&W to Play for the Phillies on July 5


While an illness in the crew forced W&W to cancel their June 2013 tour dates, the duo is making up for it in spades. On July 5, W&W has been tapped to play an exclusive set after the Phillies/Braves game. This isn’t the first time EDM and the MLB got together, as Afrojack played a special set at the MLB Fan Cave on Opening Day, but to be given the stage post-game? Amazing.

The way this will be set up is that W&W will be knocking out a 90-minute set at the Ashburn Alley entertainment area of Citizen’s Bank Park field, with all ticket-holders being invited. Word is that there’s a $5 discount on tickets for this game, so you could effectively pay $12 to see a MLB game and hear a 90-minute set from an acclaimed EDM duo.

DAD’s wondering what the ratio of MLB diehards to ravers will be at this game. Does the EDM scene have a lot of baseball fans? Philly is known for having some aggressive fans, and while we’ve seen ravers puking during festivals, we’re hoping an angry fan doesn’t go on another vomit assault when he sees a girl with colored extensions in her hair and fuzzy boots.


  • Bobby Macis

    Did you hear this through someone?

    • khal

      Billboard, who is cited in this article.