Amtrac – “The Scheme” EP


Hey AMTRAC, guess what? Your trains suck. No service from LA to San Francisco? What - I gotta start in Bakersfield if I want to get up to Frisco for the weekend? Get off your high horse and put a station in Santa Monica before I turn this blog post into a strongly worded letter.

But this EP. This EP is fire. I can temporarily excuse you for sharing the same name as the devil’s railroad if you make this EP last forever. Front to back, this is a no-skip EP – but my personal favorite is “The Preacher,” a fun, soulful track with layers like onions and playability for days.

Amtrac, the solo project of Morehead, Kentucky’s Caleb Cornett, is the perfect mix of funk, house, and electronic. With crunchy beats, and perfectly selected, spliced samples to compliment a sound that is simply danceable, Amtrac’s The Scheme EP transcends genre and provides a a flawless catalyst for an even better week.