Andy Jay & S-Tee ft. Charlene – “It’s Still U” EP


To do list: laundry, groceries, mardi gras. If this looks anything like your plans for the next week, I’ve got an addition for you – check out this EP. Holy remixes batman, every track on here is so uniquely delicious I feel like I’m bringing on Lucky Charms with a Sour Patch Kids chaser. The original track by Andy J & S-Tee (featuring Charlene) is appropriately timed for release right around Valentines Day, with an uplifting vibe of love and appreciation to make your candle lit dinner one to remember…

…or if that’s not your thing, check out the dirty garage remix by Akira. Yeah, we thought you might like that. And with two more appearances by DJ SKT and L Phonix & Yllavation, this EP’s got enough juice to put the bump in your Valentines Day bump and grind.

Indie label Loodma Recordings hit a real home run with this release, so get it when it drops February 19 and let us know what you think in the comments.