Big Makk Presents “The Deep End” EP


If you’re here seeking those tracks with that crazy ass build, that cliche snare you hear in every Beatport Top 10 hit, or that oh so similar beat that drops to compliment the molly you popped a few hours ago, STOP READING.

This post is not for you.

If you’re still here, you’re probably intrigued as to what type of music I’m going to present to you:

Songs with perfectly orchestrated melodies…
Songs that have these beautiful spacey synths that perfectly meshes with the sub bass that creates THAT groove that keeps that head bobbing….
Songs that leave you in awe…
Songs that make you question the boundaries you know as music…

If you’re still here and you want more, much love and respect to you. You are that motivating drive that pushes musicians and artists to step 1000 miles outside the box and go creatively where no one has gone before. You are the reason this EP was created…

Big Makk‘s message is simple: “Just a bunch of emotions I’ve had over the past couple of months. The ‘scene’ now a days with what I was making before is lacking this emotion that I could not interpret through that type of music. This is me just finding an alternative outlet… Please take it for what it is and enjoy.”

Idea 7
The Deep End EP starts with “Idea 7,” which begins with a voice that is so pitched down and distorted that it loses its human element. I had to revisit this track because so many of the sounds were so new to me. These sounds are laid upon this smooth hip hop beat that gives this sensual R&B vibe which definitely sends the message that this is not your typical Intro–>Build–>Drop formula that I personally feel has been driven into the ground.

Message From Terrance
This song starts out with a heavily distorted reverberated voice of Terrance McKenna, an American psychonaut, lecturer, and writer. He drops his knowledge on the importance of creating your own culture, it’s such an amazingly powerful message that really makes you think about how much we’re consumed by all that surrounds us. As the voice reverberates and echoes out, this eerie yet sensual beat kicks in and it gets the head bobbing. This little dance of little snippets of Terrance McKenna so eloquently speaking on various subjects and this smooth, sensual yet eerie beat continues on for five-and-a-half thought-provoking minutes, leaving you deep in thought.

Digital Dive
Take an ’80s-sounding arpeggiated synth paired with this hypnotic drum pattern, add in melodic touches from a piano and you have this beautiful melodic song that I know would be perfect for that drive to nowhere with your closest friends or loved one.

Fool’s Remorse
This song starts with some humming, a melodic piano riff, and a simple R&B beat. You then hear this pitched down voice “Why Do I… Feel Like a Fool…,” a thought that has crossed all of our minds at some point. There is so much emotion poured into this song, & there’s definitely this sense of sadness, which makes you wonder what was going through Big Makk’s mind or in his life when he produced this track. As a producer myself, I really love this track, there’s this great sense of vulnerability and openness that Big Makk displays with this song, which I think makes it all the more relatable.

Four tracks to take you on this over 20-minute journey filled with smooth, chill, vibes & raw emotion. I’ve listened to this EP several times now and each time I hear some differing element I’ve never heard before. I’m eager to hear what people think as this is completely different than what Big Makk has put out there before. I personally love this EP to me it’s such a breath of fresh air, I hope you all feel the same way about it too.